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Why Do I See Faces When I Close My Eyes?

  If you do a google search for “Why do I see faces when I close my eyes” you will get over 5,000,000 results in less than one second! Astonishing right? So many people have this question, doctors and scientist try to explain it but the reality is, there’s a lot more going on than… Continue reading Why Do I See Faces When I Close My Eyes?

Intuitive and Psychic Development

Why You Should Keep A Dream Journal

Dreams baffle us all but yet they tell us so much! Dreams are the subconscious way of communicating with us and telling us what’s really going on in our life. The things we are willing to see and the things we aren’t. My entire life I’ve had vivid and seemingly unexplainable dreams. Before I learned… Continue reading Why You Should Keep A Dream Journal

Intuitive and Psychic Development

I have precognitive dreams

I have precognitive dreams, do you? Dreams are still somewhat of a phenomenon. They have been studied for years and yet we can’t seem to get to the bottom of them. There are dreams that are fun and beautiful and then there are dreams that are dark and ferocious. Some people dream in vivid colors… Continue reading I have precognitive dreams

Intuitive and Psychic Development

Intuition Strengthening Exercises

  Some intuitives have had their gifts since birth and some don’t start to notice or develop them until later in life. You may have shut your gifts down as an adolescent or maybe you had a life-changing experience that brought them to the surface. No matter when you started noticing them, the fact is… Continue reading Intuition Strengthening Exercises

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Post – Resolution SALE!

Hey! January is a time for renewal, resolutions, rejuvenation, and it’s the perfect time to start a new adventure!  Most people start their year off committing to a new exercise routine, eating healthier, saving money, etc. Sometimes we stick with these plans and sometimes even with the best of intentions they fall short a week… Continue reading Post – Resolution SALE!

Understanding Spirit

The Importance Of Balance. 10 Ways to Tell If You’re Unbalanced.

Life is like a balancing act and can sometimes feel like we are walking on a tightrope, wondering if there is still netting below us. We balance work, play, family, and even our bank accounts. There are bright summer days and there are cold winter nights. Everything has to have a balance to it and… Continue reading The Importance Of Balance. 10 Ways to Tell If You’re Unbalanced.

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Connecting With An Archangel

What does it feel like to connect with an archangel? Intense. That is the short answer but since you decided to read this article, I’m guessing you’re looking for a bit more information. As you know from a previous post, different types of spirits hold different jobs and responsibilities. In addition to that, different spirits… Continue reading Connecting With An Archangel