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Addiction. What Happens to the Deceased After Overdose?



It’s not an easy subject to talk about. It doesn’t fit into one tiny box. It doesn’t discriminate. Addiction is raw, it’s real, and it’s heartbreaking.

Sure, sometimes people could have made better choices but maybe an “escape” was their only way to cope? What caused them to search for an escape in the first place? What parts of themselves were they trying to numb?

Have you yourself ever been teetering on the edge of “maybe I am partying a litttttle too much?”

I have. I ain’t even going to lie to ya. I’ve mentioned it before, I was in a dark place as a teenager and I wanted to escape it, however I could. I never became addicted to anything that really took over me, but what if I had? Where would I be today?

People don’t just wake up one day and say “ya know what? I’m going to be a drug addict when I grow up.”  It just kind of happens and it’s not always as cut and dry as you might think.

A 17-year-old soccer star tears a ligament; the first course of action is usually pain killers. After surgery and physical therapy, she is still relying on the pain pills to get through the day. Repeatedly she tells the doctors “I don’t want to count on these to get through life” and out of nowhere she’s addicted. She didn’t choose this…it just kind of happened.

This is a real problem that affects so much of our world today. Instead of getting to the root cause of a disease or injury whether it physical or mental, we are so quick to mask our symptoms…be it prescribed or self-medicated. Sarah Petruno is an amazing shaman and has tons of articles, courses, and healing sessions to help with all kinds of ailments! Click here to visit Sarah Petruno Shamanism.

The purpose of this article isn’t to bring your vibes down or shame anyone. In fact, it is the opposite. I want to explain (in my experience) what happens to someone when they pass away from substance related issues. My hope with this is to help you understand what could be going on with your loved one on the other side or just open your heart and your mind a little for those who are or have had issues with addiction.

Since I started connecting with spirit I have consistently had victims of overdose come to me. It started when I had a reading and a spirit needed my help crossing over.

They continue to come to me in different forms; sometimes overdose and sometimes they pass away from substance related issues from years before.  Today’s article is going to focus on actual overdose, however, I promise to write more on this subject in the future.

I connect with all kinds of spirits, don’t get me wrong. Spirit guides, loved ones, and the higher-self are what I focus on during readings. It just so happens that lately my client’s loved-one’s have passed from substance issues, I’m starting to think that somehow this will be what I “specialize” in.

If you have had a loved one pass from an overdose and they haven’t given you the “sign” you’ve been asking for, I might have the reason.

They could be stuck. Here are a few of the repeated patterns I have seen from this type of death.

  •  They are usually isolated and in a darkened area.
  •  They are usually alone and have trouble verbalizing what is going on.
  •  They are almost always confused and angry.
  • They don’t know or don’t want to share how they died.

After seeing this pattern so many times it started to make sense to me; if they were abusing a substance here on Earth chances are they weren’t totally happy with how they were living their life. Chances are they also felt ashamed with the path they had taken, so they carried this with them to the afterlife.

When someone is dying of cancer, they probably have loved ones (in spirit and physical) by their bedside, holding their hand, sending them love, and making their transition as easy as possible.

When someone is highly addicted to something, chances are they have isolated themselves. No matter how much we love them there isn’t much we can do unless they WANT the help. I believe that it is because of this that when they die they are still isolated. Their spirit team wants to help but the help has to be welcomed and accepted.

An Example…

The other day I gave a reading to a wonderful woman whose son had passed away. When he appeared to me he was about an 8-year-old boy, timid, and afraid to talk to me. He told me he was alone and it was dark and he smelled a hospital full of sadness. After a while of coaxing, he finally agreed to chat with me. He told me he was scared and confused and wasn’t sure what had happened. I kept trying to get a cause of death because I was so nauseous (sometimes intuitive’s take on a spirit’s pain unintentionally to figure out how they died.)

He told me he was alone and it was dark and he smelled a hospital full of sadness. After a while of coaxing, he finally agreed to chat with me. He told me he was scared and confused and wasn’t sure what had happened. I kept trying to get a cause of death because I was so nauseous (sometimes intuitive’s take on a spirit’s pain unintentionally to figure out how they died.)

As stated here I usually do automatic writing but this time I wanted to try something different; I got my client on the phone and we did a live connect with her son.

I told her what I was feeling and what I was seeing. She confirmed the nausea. Her son had something slipped in his drink, which landed him in the hospital where he became very ill and eventually passed.

With my help, his mom’s help, and his grandfather on the other side, we were able to help him cross over. Once he crossed over he became a vibrant, funny, witty, 20 something-year-old.

This was new for me. I had never had a spirit appear to me as two different ages but I think I’ve figured it out. He was reflecting the feelings of his inner-child and thus presented himself as so. When he crossed over he remembered who he was and thus took on that form to present to his mother.

While this isn’t the story of a self-induced overdose, this is a good breakdown of what happens after someone dies in such a manner. I was told via the grandfather mentioned above that because my client’s son was so lost and confused the grandfather was unable to help him until he was ready to cross over. I have heard something similar before, it kind of goes back to that old idea of asking for help when you need it!

If you have someone who has passed from a substance-related issue, talk to them. No, you won’t seem crazy….talk to them in your head. Tell them how much you love them and how they have help on the other side…they just need to ask. Tell them they deserve to go in the light and everything will be ok…it may be just the push they need from you!

With Love and Light,

P.S. I would like to give a big thank you to Amanda from Amandalinettemeder.com  for encouraging me to write about this subject!

12 thoughts on “Addiction. What Happens to the Deceased After Overdose?

  1. My father commuted suicide recently by a gun to the chest. It was sudden and out of blue. He was Bipolar and hit a severe depressed mode. We were going to take him to the hospital but he seem to be getting better and he really didn’t want to go. So we just went to his psychiatrist for a medication adjustment. Well he gave us all a shock of a lifetime by shooting himself. He has never in all his life contemplating doing that. He actually used to say I don’t see how people could do that. But now we are here, lost, shocked and devastated. I’m so worried about his spirit if he has moved on. I miss him so much. I know he suffered from mental illness pretty bad the last 10 years and it was hard on him. I just wonder if he is finally in peace. 🙁

    1. I’m so very sorry to hear of your loss Kelly. Oftentimes suicide victims will hang out for a bit figuring stuff out but they do move on and they do find peace. I’m sorry he was suffering and if ever you want to connect with him via a reading please let me know! I recommend giving him a few months to acclimate to his spirit body before trying to connect. Sending so much love and healing your family’s way.

  2. Thank you, for all that you do. My spouse died of an ‘apparent’ overdose. He was my twin flame. Plenty of loose strings in our tumultuous relationship. I loved him so very much, but never got a chance at making our marriage work; it only lasted a year, and then the news of his passing. We were sending each other love songs a couple of weeks ago, now he’s gone. Or is he? Lately I’ve become more cognizant of this additional electromagnetic vibration; it knocks on walls, and influence the thought. I feel like Gambito from X-Men. My spouse needs my help.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. I would love to help you both through a reading. It sounds like he is still hanging around you and most of the time I recommend waiting a few months so the spirit has time to adjust to their spirit body but if you’ve been feeling so much then he may be trying to get your attention. If you would like we can set up a full session reading and though I have limited availability this month I will work to make you a priority!

  3. My daughter’s husband died in the car and in the garage, he was an extreme alcoholic and they were separated. He died 3 years ago and is now haunting her every moment of every day. She is depressed about this and has made statements that she does not want to be here and that she wants to be with her husband. As a mother it is heartbreaking to hear her say she just wants to die and be with him. We have tried to be as supportive as we can but nothing seems to work. I do not see him or able to communicate with him and she gets upset saying that her family thinks she is crazy. I have prayed every day for the last 3 years for him to let her go and go into the light. We don’t know what else to do and I am afraid I will lose my daughter over her grieving. She did speak to some mediums and apparantley he is so sorry for what he has done, but will not leave her and my daughter states he is waiting for her and will not leave until they are together. At this point I don’t know whether another medium will be able to help her. Please give me some advice to help her. Thank you.

    1. Oh wow Jan I am so sorry to hear all of this and my heart truly goes out to you and your family. It sounds like he is earthbound which means he has not crossed over. I’m surprised the other mediums didn’t mention this and try to assist him? Or maybe they did? I would love to speak with your daughter in maybe a coaching aspect, if she is willing. A bit of grief counseling, a bit of messages from her guides, and hopefully to connect with him to see exactly what is going on. Until reassure her that she is not crazy but also try to help her understand that his attachment to her is not healthy and they both should be moving on. Again I will help in any way I can, please let me know. Sending love!

  4. I want to die. I have prayed for God to take me anyway he sees fit. I cannot go on living day to day crying over the sudden loss of my Daughter who was my best friend as well. October 24th 2015. I cry practically everyday. She was my everything. 33 with a 5 year old Daughter of her own, now living with her Father. My Son and I are estranged, and I haven’t heard nor seen him in over 6 months. I have tried to make peace with him to no avail. am Bi-polar, and I’m sure my medication is off, I am in a deep depression. I also have chronic pain in my spine that medication controls somewhat. Ihave honestly considered suicide, I simply cannot handle the pain of their loss anymore. Will I get to see Holly in the afterlife if I do this, even if it takes a while. It couldn’t be longer than living in this painfull life until then.

    1. Hi Kelly, I am so so sorry that you’ve had to endure the loss of a child. The pain you feel is unbearable, as anyone can imagine. Please do not take your own life, if you are sincerely feeling this way, please contact a medical professional immediately. Taking your own life will not get you to see your daughter more quickly, in fact it could have the opposite effect. In my experience with suicide and overdose, the victim is often stuck and alone for a period of time before crossing over. This often requires assistance from those in spirit and/or a medium. Please do not do anything to hurt yourself, I would be happy to connect you to your guides and to your daughter during a reading. Please feel free to email me and know that you ARE loved…I can actually feel your guides right now. Please know that you are loved and the universe has your back, often times we must go through terrible experiences to awaken to our truth and to find out who we are and how strong you really are. There are support groups online for people in situations similar to yours and I am sure someone there could also offer you some insight and healing words on how to deal with the loss of a child. I also have an article that may be of some assistance to you, it’s titled Dealing with Grief, why we need to learn to let go. Please email me if you would like a reading or if you have any questions, much love to you and your family!

    2. Hi. I am an intuitive and I truly feel your pain. It must be the most difficult thing in life to lose one’s child! I will tell you what I believe from studying a lot about the process of dying and the part of life that it is ( it will happen to us all). Your daughter is around you and she must be praying for you and the state you are in, although she is on a new spiritual path now that she has passed. She tunes in around you and her daughter for sure and she would just tell you she loves you and wants you to have hope. It might be difficult but if you look at the writing called “Footprints” it is true. If you don’t have a higher power like God, the universe is carrying you then. You are so sad you can’t see the gifts and beauty of life right now. Miracles happen a lot and those who believe in them can see them. Just try and be gentle with yourself, put one foot in front of the other till you can get some willingness to seek further help. I wish you blessings and peace. Ruth

  5. Hi, thank you very much for writing this article! My sister passed away from an overdose, and I have connected with her through a medium who was very accurate. I get signs from her all the time- heart shaped clouds (multiple times), her jewelry has gone missing and reappeared in the strangest places several times. feathers appearing, and my favorite- a spot of a rainbow in the sky, after no rain (multiple times)- once the rainbow was even in the shape of an angel, and the medium brought it up! I usually get these signs after I ask for one, or after I help someone with addiction. How come I get these signs and others don’t? For example, my other sister never received signs from my sister (although a medium also told my sister that my sister who passed said “what do I have to do to get you to believe?!” so it is possible she just brushes them off. My boyfriend also lost his sibling to an overdose, and he was able to connect with him through a medium so I don’t think it is the issue of him not crossing over, but he hasn’t really received any signs, and I believe he keeps his eye out for them. Is there anything you can do to encourage your loved one to give you a sign other than simply asking? Thank you! I would loooove to have a reading with you one day!! Please let me know the cost and your availability! Thank you!

    1. Hi Deanne! I’m so sorry to hear about your loss but it is absolutely wonderful that you receive so many signs!

      So if someone passes from an overdose they don’t ALWAYS get stuck but this is just a repeated pattern I have seen. Also even if they are stuck…a medium will still be able to connect with them, it just may be harder for them to connect with their loved ones. Does that clear things up a bit?

      As far as other people not getting the signs…

      1. They have to be open to it. If they aren’t open to receiving, well then they usually won’t.
      2. They have to have accepted their loved one is gone. In my article “Acceptance and Grief, Why We Need to Let Go” I explain exactly what I mean by that!
      3. They have to look! You know how subtle the signs can be…they have to be on the lookout!

      I think asking is the best way to get a sign but you could also try writing their name down on a piece of paper and placing an item of theirs on top. This will let them know you want a visit!

      I would love to give you a reading! You can find the link to purchase one under the services tab at the top of my site. A full phone session is $85, three question email reading is $60, and a one question email reading is $30. Once you pick which option is the right one for you, I will receive a payment notification and I will contact you to schedule the best date and time! Thank you so much for visiting my site and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

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