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Looking on the “Bright Side”


 I haven’t always been a peppy, happy, Universe lovin, free-spirit type of girl. Oh nooooo Hunny…I was a down in the dumps Negative Nancy with a dash of pessimist. As a teenager I was pretty depressed (when I was at home at least) then as a young adult I moved out and things got better for me, but I was stuck in my negative way of thinking. I always thought I wasn’t pretty enough, good enough, smart enough, etc. but I hid it pretty well for the most part. I really decided to change after I had my son; one night I realized I was speaking to my husband the way my mom and her husband talked to each other. I was miserable and I had no reason to be; I had everything I could ever want and need. I was married to an awesomely hott stud-muffin, I was healthy, my beautiful baby boy was healthy, we had a clean home and a roof above our heads. Why was I still unsatisfied? It’s because I was doing life how my parents did it and I was using old ways of thinking.

One day I had enough, I watched The Secret and my life changed! I thought it was weird at first but it seemed so simple and it made so much sense. So I made a conscious effort to say daily affirmations and I started meditating and I made vision boards. Slowly but surely my ways of thinking changed and I was happier than I had ever been in my life…and on a consistent basis. My life changed! I started attracting more of the things I WANTED and less of what I didn’t want. You see, the universe hears every thought we think and because it loves us sooooo much….it tries to give us what we ask for.

I still go through highs and lows because I am a human (gasp!) but it’s so much easier now to pick myself up out of a slump. I read affirmations and I listen to podcasts and I pull my sh*t together. As a matter of fact two weeks ago I was in a funk and decided I was over it! I started listening to positive affirmations as I slept, I made a new vision board, and I asked for more abundance. Since then I have won free tickets to a comedy club, been given extra paid time off, people have been nicer to me, I received an abundance of really cool book marks AND a gift card, free Starbucks, my oldest friend has re-entered my life and the list goes on. The power of intention is just that….REALLY FREAKING POWERFUL, so use it wisely.


“Light-bulb” –  last night I was a little stressed and instead of worrying like I usually do, I surrendered to the universe. I asked for a male energy to just let me know that everything is going to be okay….about an hour ago, a friend I haven’t seen in a while who is usually a Sad Sally came in just to say “I want you to know you’re awesome and you’re doing great and I hope you have a wonderful day!” and then he left. I completely wasn’t expecting that…..especially from someone who is always so down. So the universe listens and it always responds….maybe not instantly but always.



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