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My Kid Sees Ghosts


My kid sees “ghosts,” does yours?

Since my son was 6 months old he has followed someone or something with his eyes all while laughing, cooing, and waving bye-bye. When it first stared it was kind of unsettling until I walked him over to a picture and asked him to show me Grandpa…my 6 month old put his tiny little finger right on Grandpa’s face! Here’s the thing, my grandfather died 2 months before he was ever born. It wasn’t a fluke either, I put this to the test on a few more occasions and every single time he got it right!

Fast forward about two years and he now has a “friend” in his room that he talks too and laughs with on almost a daily basis. He tells me Great Grandma is in his room and that Great Grandpa is at home. I wasn’t really concerned until about three nights ago when he shut his door and came to me and said “Mommy there’s a ghost in my room.”

 Like it was no big deal at all…

“Mommy there’s a ghost in my room”

Look y’all, I am fine with loved-ones, guides, or angels going in my baby’s room ; but not a “ghost.” Whoever this was clearly made him uncomfortable because he shut his door and left his room.

I have very VERY strict boundaries in my house! One of those is no spirits in the bedrooms! Can you tell I was about to go all mama bear on this ghost?

I went in his room and demanded that whoever or whatever was in his room had to leave. I sent it away with love, but I was firm. I called in his guides and his spirit team to help clear the room and fill it with love and light. Then I switched out his stones for some stronger and fresher ones and I called him back in.

“Do you see the ghost baby?”

“No! Ghost went bye-bye Mommy! Ghost all gone!”

I guess I have always known he has a gift (most kids do) but I didn’t really expect it to show up this early! I have NEVER mentioned the word ghost to him, nor has my husband, or anyone else to my knowledge. I’ve read that psychic genes are passed down throughout the generations and it looks like he’s got his mama’s good genes! Ha!

Want some tips on how to help your psychic child? Here ya go!

  • Pray with them. I say prayers with my son every single night. We thank Source for all that we are blessed with – clean water, food that we eat, and all that the Earth provides for us. We call in his angels, spirit guides, and loved ones and thank them for their protection and guidance. Then to cover allllll of the bases we end our prayer by sending love to every living being in the world and then we say “Amen, Namaste” Have you ever heard a 2 year old say Namaste? It’s seriously the cutest thing EVER!
  • Sing songs at bed time! We always sing 1-3 happy songs at bedtime! This puts him at ease and raises not only our vibrations but also the vibration of his room!
  • Teach them that they are protected. If your little one is ever feeling scared, teach them how to call in their spirit team for comfort and protection!
  • Let the light in! Every morning when he wakes up we open the curtains and let the sunshine in! The natural light makes the room feel bright and happy and this helps keep his space in a higher vibration.
  • Keep happy things around! We bought him a tiny little plant for his room; it happens to be in a planter that is the shape of a dragon. Not only are plants good for positive energy but having a dragon to “protect” him makes him feel a little more secure!
  • Teach your child to set boundaries. Teach them that they are in charge of spirit and if they don’t want to talk to them then they don’t have too!
  • Stones and Crystals! My son lovesss to play with my crystals and stones but let’s face it…he is 2 and things have a tendency to go in his mouth. I choose a few protective stones for him and I keep them at the highest point in his room. This makes him feel better and actively protects him and his room when I am not in there.


Besides helping them to protect themselves, I think the single most important thing you can do for a psychic child is to listen to them. If your child is telling you they see things, 9 times out of 10 they really are seeing things.


As a child I could see, hear, and feel spirit. No one else did, so when I would try to tell my mom she (like any mother) thought I just didn’t want to go to bed. I remember waking up in the middle of the night at my Nana’s house and seeing a shadow of a hand hovering over top of me. Dude…that’s some scary sh*t when you’re 6 years old!

Talk to your kids about what they are experiencing and do your best not to discredit them. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there. I am happy to help as are so many other intuitive’s in the community…we were also psychic kids!





5 thoughts on “My Kid Sees Ghosts

  1. My son is 12 now; About a year and a half ago, he came to me when he woke up and said ” Mom, there was a boy in my room last night. A boy or a short man. I couldn’t see his features, just the outline, he was all white and bright. It looked like he had a bow & arrow on his back too. He kept appearing on the opposite side of my room, disappearing, then reappearing right by my bed. He just kept doing that over and over.”

    I honestly was at a loss for words for a few moments! BUT, I absolutely believed him! I felt like this was a guide or angel for him. I told him to not worry, and explained about asking for help and protection. We are big believers at my house 🙂 This wasn’t the first time he’s seen someone, but the other times, the figure looked like a shadow. We discussed that too. I’m pretty impressed he’s still seeing things at his age, but I always believe him and talk about it! 🙂

      1. Well, I grew up in an “active” house, so I know it’s real Lol I remember experiencing all sorts of things as a child and teenager, but didn’t actually SEE a spirit until I became an adult. I know it’s possible for all of us, young and old, to see spirits. 🙂

    1. My 16year old Special Needs son Chance is gifted as well. It was passers from my grandfather and to me and to my sons.. but Chance was born 4 months early. Became blind completely on his left eye and partially in his left, has a tracheostomy so he doesn’t speak but makes sounds, and developementaly delayed and feeding tube. He came home after I set his room up like a hospital room with tubes etc. In a crib. I. Priced he tracked something that wasn’t there.. and at this time, I clear our place with infused. Blessed water with peppermint oils, put tourmaline and Quartz and lavender stones under his pillow, we say our nightly prayers and thank for our Blessings and to ask for protection, all the things that you mentioned above in your first part of your tips. I haven’t reD the second half yet but I just wanted to thank you for sharing because I started to think it was all in my head andall the things I was doing was in my head. I am so sry thankful for you sharing and it makes me feel more confident in doing these things as I’m doing them knowing it’s not in my head. Thank you again. Much Love and Light sent your way..💕🌸

      1. Hi Lei, I am so sorry to hear about your son’s health. I have no doubt that he is a sweet and gifted boy and will fill your life with so much light! Often times when people are born with special needs it is so they can help the people around them! To help open their minds, hearts, and challenge them in ways they didn’t ever expect. All while helping them to learn to love totally and utterly unconditionally!

        I am sensing angels around your home actually! Angels are very very high vibrational and can sometimes feel like you just drank 6 cups of coffee. They may make you feel anxious out of nowhere simply because their presence is so strong!

        You’re doing a great job protecting him and your home keep up the good work!

        Thank you so so so very much for your kind words and for visiting my site! I am sending so much love to you and your precious family!

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