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How to get rid of negative energy in the home | How to increase positive energy in the home

Whether you’re a new intuitive looking for ways to keep negative energy out or a regular joe looking to bring positive energy in, this article is for you! When I started my journey with self-love and mediumship it was in part due to the spirit activity I had in my own home. I researched until I basically found the end of the internet (that’s a lot of internet-ing). Through my research, I found quite a few ways to get rid of toxic energy in the home while allowing the positive energy to flow freely.

Here are some ways you can clear out negative energy and bring the positive vibes in!


Smudging is the act of using smoke to rid yourself or your space of any unwanted energy. Perhaps this was stagnant energy left from an argument with your partner, residual energy from a reading, or your in-law’s passive aggressive energy that you don’t need anymore. Whatever the case may be, a good ol’ fashioned smudge should do the trick! Find out my process here.

White Light

Calling in the angels and divine energy to filllllll your home with white light not only cleanses it but also raises the vibration of the space.

I fill my son’s room with white light every night. In addition to his room, I seal every window and door with white light after smudging.

To do this, simply visualize white light filling your space, running around the edges of doors and windows. It’s really that simple!

“Car Wash” at entering points

This technique was actually brought to me by a friend and student of mine. She lives in a small apartment with a roommate who is constantly tracking in low energy. Similar to a dog who was out playing in the mud. I’ve tried it and I’ve recommended others try it. The consensus is… that it works!

Here’s how you do it.

At each entry and exit point of your home imagine a drive through car wash.

This “energetic car wash” is made up of scrub brushes and powerful streams of divine light. There are suds made of purple healing and cleansing energy. Warm golden energy finishes it off with a polish and shine.

As each person walks through the door imagine them being bathed in this energetic car wash. See their old energy, soot, and low vibrations going down a drain that is outside of your doorstep.

When they leave, they are cleansed again. Releasing them of any energy that may not have served them while being in your home. This process also releases any attachments to you or a situation regarding you or your home.

Really it’s a win-win for everyone. You’re helping them to heal and cleanse while doing the same for your home!

Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Smokey Quartz

Put these grounding stones around the house in each room to help absorb any negative energy. These stones are grounding and suck up low vibrations like a vacuum. Just don’t forget to cleanse them once in a while.

Quartz points in windows

Quartz is a high vibrational stone and can be “programmed” with your intentions. It’s also pretty cheap so you can buy a bulk of it on amazon and place quartz in all of the windows around the home.

When done in this manner it is said to pull in positive energy, invoke healing in the space and be an invitation for the angels!


When I first started all of this, I knew nothing about setting boundaries so I thought spirit could go wherever they wanted…ya know since they don’t have bodies and all. I did some research and found that you can actually use herbs to keep spirits away!

You can put bay leaves over doorways to keep spirits out, it sets a firm boundary for them!

Rosemary can be put over or in front of windows/doors. In addition to protection from spirits, rosemary also has some folklore attached to it. In the olden days, rosemary was planted around the home to protect it from burglars!
Sound healing
If you aren’t into smells, crystals, or herbs but you like sounds then give this a whirl! Look up some healing music on youtube. It will likely include bells, singing bowls, and/or binaural beats.

Simply play the music while you go about your day. Invite in your guides and angels to clear and raise the vibration of the home as well!

Oil diffuser

Some people are sensitive to smoke, so burning sage, incense, and other things isn’t really an option. Nowadays, most people have an essential oil diffuser or have least heard of them.

I always recommend using sage, lavender, rosemary, frankincense, or mryth in the diffuser to cleanse a space. Set your intention, ask your spirit team for some assistance, and then feel the energy of your space lift.

Bonus…the oils not only make you feel better but they smell great too! You can buy a cheap but great diffuser like this one on amazon…my mother in law loves hers!

Salt in corners and doorways

This one is one that has been used since ancient times. The point of it is to make a firm boundary that spirit can not cross. There is, however, one flaw in the system…it keeps whatever is in – in and whatever is out – out.

This means that if you have an earthbound in the home he’s staying there and if you have a light spirit trying to get in it’s going to be more difficult.

If you’d like to try this method for continued protection I recommend first smudging the space and calling in your team before throwing salt everywhere. You got me?

Remember intention setting is key no matter how you choose to cleanse yourself or your space. Make sure to call in the angels to help cleanse, clear, and seal the home too!

A few other things that can help raise the vibration of your home are things like Salt Lamps, Plants, suncatchers, windchimes, and bright colors!

Check out this article for some of my favorite things to raise the vibration of my home and sacred space!

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