Step by Step Guide to Start Giving Intuitive Readings – E-Course


This step by step guide to start giving intuitive readings walks you through my entire process beginning to end!


In this E-Guide I have broken down and guided you through my process for giving a paid reading. This step by step guide will walk you through beginning to end!

  • The set-Up
  • Prep-work
  • Opening the chakras
  • Calling in those in spirit
  • Receiving the message
  • Delivering the message
  • Closing and ending the session
  • and more!

If you have intuitive gifts and you’re ready to start really utilizing them, this E-guide is for YOU!

If you are a new intuitive or even an experienced intuitive, my intuitive progression session’s are a great way to open up and start using your gifts! If you purchase a FIVE week bundle, I will throw in this E-guide for FREE!!


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