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Are Psychic Abilities Inherited? Psychic Gifts and Genetics.

It has been said that psychics are usually not the first of their family to carry the psychic “gene”. Intuitive gifts are usually passed down from the generations before them. Even if the family members were not practicing intuitives, often times with a little digging you can find that the gifts were there.

For me, my gifts are a bit of a challenge to track back in time. My maternal grandmother was adopted as was my father. You can see how things might be a little difficult to trace especially with my grandmother being deceased.

Even so, I do not believe that I am the first psychic in my family.

Let’s start with my grandmother, shall we? She was my bestfriend, my kindred spirit, my everything. We had an unbreakable bond and we were more like friends than your typical grandmother – granddaughter dynamic.

My grandmother could be jumpy and I never knew why…she would never tell me. As a kid, I would hide behind corners and jump out at her just to get a laugh from her reaction. I realize now just how mean that was…no need to guilt me!

When I would ask why she was this way my usually very open grandmother would just tell me “I have my reasons baby.” I would ask if she had been robbed at some point and she would laugh and said no.

I think back now to before she passed away and I recall her talking to someone in her room and yet she was the only one in there. This happened for months before she passed and she didn’t have dementia or something else that would cause her to hallucinate on a regular basis.

Throughout life when visiting her house I would often see a man who wore a hat and would present himself much like a black and white photo. I would hear him frequently and see him mosey around the living room. I never told this to anyone until I was older at which point I was reminded of my grandmother’s brother who passed away at the age of 14.

Given how jumpy she was, the conversations she used to have, the activity in the house, and our connection to each other, I have almost no doubt my gift was passed down from her.

Might I mention that she visited me after her passing to help me uncover my own gifts? To this day it is one of the most tangible and validating experiences I’ve had. Coincidence? I think not!

Now for my dad’s side, don’t know much about them either! I’m not very close with him and we really have never had much of a relationship.

We are so much alike in our mannerisms, our personalities, and dare I say it, our goofiness? I give him 100% credit for my creative gene and my ability to feel deep within.

But, my dad is an addict.

He is an artist when it comes to his passion but his addiction has got the best of him throughout his adolescent and adult life. Intuitives feel so deeply and an easy way to not feel so much is to numb it with drugs or alcohol.

I do believe that my father is an intuitive. It’s easy to see the pain he carries within himself and it’s easy to see how sensitive he is. My father can be so happy and passionate about something and then 5 seconds later he’s a different person.

He shuts himself off from those around him, he pushes people away, and then he blames them. That is the life of an addict but also the life of someone who doesn’t know or understand themselves.

One weekend when he was taking me home he told me this insane story of a wolfman he saw walking into the woods. I’m not sure if it was drugs or just his imagination but he consistently had stories such as this.

Often times clairvoyants can easily paint a vivid picture for you because they can actually see it unfolding within their mind’s eye. I sincerely wonder if the “stories” he told me weren’t the things that he was actually seeing within.

Our own worries, fears, and even desires can manifest as clairvoyance. If you’re trying to shut your gifts down it can be hard to tell the difference between imagination and intuitive abilities. Especially if you are numbing everything out with drugs and alcohol.

To me, it seems that both sides of my family have passed down their intuitive gifts even though it’s never been intentionally disclosed.

Another way you can tell if intuitive gifts run in your family is to be very observant and listen in for clues.

My grandmother would often tell me she was psychic and ask if I was but always in a joking tone.

My father has been to see an astrologer and has always been a bit curious about the other-side. He has also always been a huge fan of unsolved mysteries, as am I. (Both signs you could be intuitive)

If you’re interested in learning if you have gifts and where they could have come from, start doing some family tree research. Find out where you came from and see what the beliefs and practices of your ancestors were!

In the present day, try to pay attention for little clues that might lead you to find out where your gifts came from. I find that most people will not talk about it until approached but if you have a clue and you ask, chances are their ears will perk. Don’t be surprised if they have a story or two to share with you!

So the answer to today’s question is yes! Intuitive gifts can and are passed down from generation to generation.

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  1. I’ve in the past few years begun to suspect this about both my mother’s side and father side of the family. Growing up hearing stories about ghosts since a child I always assumed it was a question of right time, right place it never dawned on me that so many of the women on my mother side have had encounters with ghosts or spirits that it could be more then just odds considering the number and variety of encounters. I now think they have some undeveloped clairvoyant/medium ability. Even my father who’s recently begun to open up with his stories has me convinced he may have some latent ability and doesn’t realize this. One story he told me about encountering a strange man who was just standing there at the platform of his train stop, he walked passed him turned around and the man was no longer there and he says he couldn’t have gone anywhere he had only walked a few feet when he turned around and the entrance was to far away even running he couldn’t have reached the entrance. After he told me this I did some research turns out there was a man who committed suicide at that very train station a year or two back he didn’t know this fact so I suspect he was seeing this poor man’s troubled spirit. I personally have never seen anything that clearly just dark shadows from the corner of my eyes but that I’ve always thought my active imagination and not enough sleep that and its occurred only a few times over the years, so I’m not sure if I would even have this ability since what they describe is a clear vivid encounter that passes for a solid person. Here’s a question I’ve wondered can a ghost or spirit follow you home? And why would the? I have a story so strange to tell you I can’t believe or understand it and the crazy part I wasn’t the only one to have a strange experience.

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