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Why Do I See Faces When I Close My Eyes?


If you do a google search for “Why do I see faces when I close my eyes” you will get over 5,000,000 results in less than one second! Astonishing right? So many people have this question, doctors and scientist try to explain it but the reality is, there’s a lot more going on than what meets the eye. (HA…do you see what I did there?)

Before we jump right into the psychic stuff, let’s talk about a thing called Pareidolia. This is where you see faces in things such as tree trunks, a piece of toast, or even a floor tile. Pareidolia occurs because our brains like to make sense of things. If we see a pattern or shape that doesn’t make sense to our mind it will try to make sense of it for us; this is why we can start to see faces in inanimate objects. Seeing faces when you close your eyes, however, is NOT the same thing.

So the big question now is, do you see faces when you close your eyes?

Perhaps this has happened since childhood, maybe you had a recent awakening, or you’ve been intentionally working on your third-eye. Whatever the case may be, seeing these faces or even lights when you close your eyes is a sign that you’re clairvoyant!

Since childhood every time I laid down to go to sleep I would start seeing tons of faces. Sometimes they looked at me and smiled, sometimes they made me uncomfortable, and other times they didn’t even notice me. Being that I have been intentionally working with my clairvoyance over the past few years I now not only see these faces when laying down but almost anytime I close my eyes for more than 2 seconds. It can be pretty distracting!

97% of the time, these are faces of people I don’t know or have never met before. This is why I understand it to be spirit and not just a hallucination. If this happens to you, don’t be alarmed, you have the ability to control it and you can turn it down anytime you like. Trust me, I know what it’s like to see visions for 15-20 minutes instead of falling right asleep!

One of the most common questions I am asked regarding these visions is “who are these people and what do they want?” Here is what I say….

These can be spirit guides, ancestors, deceased loved-ones of people you know, or in some cases someone that you have no direct connection too. Occasionally they are there to deliver messages to us but most times, they aren’t.

What is happening in most cases is that we are simply tapping into our clairvoyance. This means that we are seeing spirit even if unintentionally. While most of the time those spirits can see us, sometimes we are simply just seeing them. Kind of like looking through a window!

You are not obligated to introduce yourself to every face you see while falling asleep nor should you…that would be exhausting! Seeing faces upon closing your eyes is simply a sign that you’re clairvoyant and you have the ability to tap into it should you choose to do so! Remember you’re always in control if the visions are too much just dial them down!

But why are these spirit’s choosing me if I don’t have a direct connection to them?

Mediums, psychics and intuitives alike, are similar to lighthouses in that in a sea of dark their light can be seen from miles away. When you are highly intuitive whether you choose to work with it or not your light can still be seen by spirit. This is why mediums usually have intense dreams throughout their lives.

When you’re ungrounded and unsure of how to set boundaries your lighthouse is basically open to whoever can see your light. This is why it is so beneficial to get to know your spirit guides and work with them because they can protect the gates! Sure you will still have spirit visitations nightly but at least your guides can make it so only those in the light can come to you!

If you want to tap into your clairvoyance you could start with guided meditations, take a course, or even work with a mentor!

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22 thoughts on “Why Do I See Faces When I Close My Eyes?

  1. This has been happening to me for around 8 months. Sometimes they are random faces, sometimes a kind of familiar face when I get a high sense that it’s my grandmother, sometimes they’re terrifying faces with sharp teeth just smiling and I have to force myself to open my eyes and tell myself to make them go away. 2 Days ago while staying at my dads new house, This happened but it wasn’t a random face or my grandmother – it was a white man with light brown long hair. I forced myself awake, then started dozing back and it happened again. My instant thought when I sat up to make it stop, was that it was Jesus. I sound like I’m going insane and it’s the strangest thing. I’m VERY in tune in a waking state with different things, energy, etc and try to keep these abilities as a positive thing. Usually i wake up and am nervous and uncomfortable but this time it was VERY calming but also made me a little nervous. I try to excuse it most of the time as just my mind going weird places when I start falling asleep, but it’s hard to do the more and more it happens. It’s almost like when you start falling asleep when you’re around people talking, that you’re asleep but you can still hear the conversations and things going on but are not awake. That is when this always happens.

    I’m so glad there is so much information on here from people that this also happens to, so I don’t feel so crazy!

  2. I see what seems like short black and white films of random activities that have nothing to do with anything. Sometimes it seems “old timey”and sometimes not. If I look away it disappears. I’ve seen scary faces and normal faces. No one is familiar. I’ve also had the sensation of having people looking down from a hole at me and then talking to each other. Never scary. Just weird . I never recognize anyone.

  3. When I close my eyes after I go to bed, I see a dark-blue waves of light, and I can manifest it into any image I want, for example I imagined a girl sleeping besides me and it actually appeared, at first glance I thought that it has something to do with lucid dreaming, but now I’m aware that it’s a power within me. Recently I started to see many people walking down the street of a random city, almost as if I’m actually watching over them.

    1. It sounds like you’re very clairvoyant! Those of us who are clairvoyant can easily visualize! If you ever want to expand upon your gifts, learn to manage them, or develop I would love to work one on one with you!

  4. Hi there, thank you for this great article! I have seen the slideshow of faces when closing my eyes at night since I was a small child. It doesn’t happen nearly as frequently now, but it does still happen from time to time. But here is my question . . . almost all of the faces I see are dark, scary, or evil looking. Sometimes they even look like monsters. I’d really like to understand why it is only frightening faces that I see. In my waking hours I am very tuned in to love and light and focus on positive energy. So this really perplexes me. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Marisa, hard to say without talking to you directly but it is very common. When this happens try calling in your guides and asking for their help. Also remember that you are in control so state who and what you’re willing to connect with and see!

  5. Every night when I close my eyes I see faces of so many people I don’t know. I had no idea this was a “thing”!! They don’t say anything, just sort of glide through in front of me. How wonderful ❤

      1. I have a long story but let make it short. 3 stages for me. Started with sleep paralysis when I was 13. Last year at 33 went directly from sleep paralysis I to a dream, that’s how I realized I was dreaming and that dream turned into a lucid dream. I only know what it’s called because I Google it. I had 5 lucid dreams since then. Now at 34 I been seeing not just faces but actual people doing stuff when I close my eyes before bed. I open my eyes then stops, I close them and I continue. 1 time I was just watching and someone noticed me and scares the hell out of me, also I seen a red trim barn, plants and shapes being formed, a tree and every time I seen people they are on a field. I am shocked that there are people like me. This also feels like a relieve because this is not something you can tell people because it sounds crazy and they wouldn’t understand. Any comments, opinions, ideas, not sure how safe it is if I keep looking. This tends to happen every time I want.

        1. Hi there! It sounds like you’re very clairvoyant, this is exciting! I recommend grounding and just stating who you are willing to connect to and who you aren’t. I always state only those in the light. I would love to have a coaching call to help you further if you’re interested! Sending love!

  6. Wow just been reading all these posts i thought i was going mad this has only recently started happening to me again i did have an experience when i was around 18 years old i was lay in bed trying get tosleep when in my head i seen my two friends walking up my garden path about to knock on my front door , i woke up to a knock and there they were both stood i told them both they just laughed thought i was bonkers. Since then till now (im 47) its started happening again im just seeing random people at first not very clear but now they are becoming more visable im not scared i just want to know why and what shall i do.

    1. Hi Jo I know the feeling! You can try grounding or meditating before bed but until you get a handle on your gifts this will likely keep happening. It still happened to be but is much easier to tune out of and turn down now! If you ever want to work on understanding and developing your gifts my intuitive development and progression course would be a great help to you!

        1. Hey Jo we could do a coaching call to kind of assess your strongest gifts (sounds to me like you’re clairvoyant) and work with your guides and mine to figure out the best plan to go from there! I have coaching bundles where we could work one on one, I offer mediumship readings, and I have a program that explains the gifts and how to use them in depth. I hope this helps!

  7. I have done this my entire life and never known what it was. I have seen faces, animals, etc. I dont know why but i feel vibrations from the air around me whether it’s people or inatimate objects. I have de javu all the time, and i have dreams of people telling me things. Ive seen what i assumed were spirits, i believe ive seen one demon, i have these times where i hear in my mind what people are going to say before they say it (i thought maybe that was a type of de javu), i can look at pictures of people or people themselves and i feel like i know them from somewhere and cant place where i know them from, i walk in some places and get this peaceful feeling but there are a lot of times that i can walk/drive by a place and i get this really uneasy/bad feeling (like something doesnt want me there). All of this isnt even the tip of the iceburg. Im 27 and ive been dealing with this stuff my entire life. I havent ever had anyone to help me, and i didnt know where to start training myself. I want to develop these abilities and have wanted to since i was big enough to have an idea about the spiritual world. Please help me.

    1. Hey Gerae I know exactly how you feel and I too was once in your shoes searching for someone to just help me! I have a course that includes a one on one coaching call that has helped sooooo many people already! I also do one on one coaching/mentoring should you want to go that route! One thing I can tell you is once you get it under control it is really a beautiful thing and you can not only help yourself but others as well!

      Here is the link for the course

      Here is the link for mentoring!

      1. Thank you for replying. It is so nice to be able to talk to someone who fully understands. I have been reading your aticles back to back today and the more i read, the more i relate to. I had a 25/25 on the article giving “symotoms” of being a medium, and i have had this very strong urge and need to help people my entire life. Is there any way we could discuss your classes/mentoring via email? Im craving the knowledge more than ever this time. Im tired of being tired and im tired of forcing myself to block it out (i have never managed to block it out completely). I want to be able to accept myself and feel like i belong for once. Please and thank you.

  8. I see faces all the time . I recently asked my sister if she does and her reply was no . Sometimes I see animals too ! Folks form
    The 1800’s . It kinda scares
    me at times . This happens often .

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