Intuitive Progression and Development


When I was starting to open my intuitive abilities I had no clue where to start, so I just started perusing the internet and let me tell ya…there can be some pretty far out there stuff when you’re researching this kind of thing….trust me. It was hard to know which information was credible and which wasn’t. Luckily this stuff is a lot more accessible than it used to be, but oh boy some of it was just too much.

I started reading books, listening to podcasts, and following certain blogs. I have some of those listed in this article if you want to check them out. I remember how overwhelming it was starting out and how I just wanted someone to TEACH me. Which is exactly why I have been teaching intuitive development and now I’ve turned it into a 5 Week E-Course!

I can say with honesty that this program has helped every single person who has taken it! Some walk away having released all of their fear surrounding spirit and their gifts, some learn how to quit absorbing everyone’s energy around them thus living a much happier and energetic life, others learn how to tune in and out of their gifts at will managing them with ease, and others leave the program giving insanely accurate readings. This program has been a life saver for so many already! Plus it’s not like your typical e-course; it’s actually done through a module right on my website! A module such as this is helpful because you can return again and again using your very own log-in; thus not having to worry about the lessons getting lost among your thousands of emails!


Here is what you will get out of the 5 – Week Intuitive Progression and Development Course:

  • One initial coaching call with me and my guides to assess which are your strongest gifts!
  • You will then be enrolled in the courses that best fit your abilities
  • From there, each week you will have…
    • 3-5 ways to develop your gifts
    • 3-5 exercises to put your gifts into practice
    • Affirmations to help you open up, manage, and accept your gifts
    • Meditations (Some recorded by me!)
    • Ways to ground and protect yourself
    • Access to the secret facebook group with other students of the program
    • Continued support via email and Facebook Group
  • By the end of the course, you will be giving practice readings!


Here is what people are saying…

“For years, I have felt a pull from Spirit. From random automatic writing episodes to seeing my husband’s deceased grandfather, bedside. I’ve always just kinda put it out of my mind. When my mother passed, I reached out to Ashley for a reading. During the reading (which was incredible) my intuitiveness came up. After asking a few questions, she confirmed what I had spent my life wondering about. I had a few “clairs” in my intuitive tool belt. It really felt like fate that she offered a development course. It has been the most helpful, insightful personal development I have done, to date. These sessions helped me hone and accept my gifts. Through Ashley’s meticulous coaching, I officially met my spirit guide, I gained insight to helpful grounding techniques, I have become confident in my abilities and find it easier to keep positive focus as well as high vibrations. This couldn’t have been a more positive experience. Thank you Ashley!” – Candice H.

“I have to say that this training was the best thing I could do for developing my abilities. It helped me with overcoming my fear (this was a huge issue for me) and with starting to work with my spirit team. Even though I have finished these sessions already, I still have lots of tips from Ashley to work on. She is always willing to help with some follow up question through email, something I really appreciate. I plan to come back again while I am able to put in practise all the information I already have from Ashley. It is really helpfull to have someone with who you can work on your personal development plan. Thank you again for doing this, Ashley!”– Jana M.

This program is probably underpriced as I’ve seen similar programs go for 3x this much. However, I am trying to give you exactly what I wished I had when I was developing my gifts! I promise to be active in the group and through email support throughout your 5 – Week Journey!


For registering for the 5-Week Intuitive Progression and Development Course I will throw in my e-guide on How To Give Readings for FREE! Yep, that’s right, totally for FREE!

After purchase, I will reach out to you to schedule your initial call! I am looking forward to connecting with you! Happy Developing!


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