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6 Signs From Your Loved-One In Heaven

Do you have a loved one in spirit that you wish to connect with just one more time? What if I told you that you can or even that you already have? Spirit sends us signs all the time to let us know that they are near. We’re the ones that often miss them! Your deceased loved one can easily connect with you if you just know what to look for!

Here are 6 ways your loved ones in spirit can connect to you!

Little gifts!

Spirit will provide you with little gifts to let you know they heard your calls. These little gifts let you know they are with you.

Such gifts might include feathers, pennies, or a specific stone you’ve been searching for. They can even send you little treasures such as sea glass with resonating words on it! (This happens to my pal Emily ALL THE TIME!)


Songs, TV, Messages

Have you ever been driving while thinking of your loved one and suddenly a song comes on that reminds you of them? This is a sign that they are with you!

TV or even random people can bring through messages from your loved ones as well. My favorite example of this was when I was thinking of my friend Jimbo who had passed the year before.

Over the course of two days, I saw an advertisement for “Jimbo’s restaurant” on TV. I have never heard of this place nor had I seen the advertisement prior to or afterward. After that, I heard the name Jimbo twice and SAW it on a license plate the next day. I don’t know about you but around these parts, Jimbo isn’t a common name…at all.


Billboards, license plates, and text

Spirit easily brings in yo’ face messages this way! It may be a billboard that says “keep going” at the very moment you thought of giving up. It could also be a truck that drives by with a big bluebird posted on the side when you asked to see a bluebird the day before.

Spirit loves to connect with me through license plates. Don’t laugh, I’m serious!

One day (before I was a professional medium) I was having one of those days. Out loud I said –

“Grandma I really really wish I could talk to you today.”

About an hour later I parked my car and happened to glance at the plate in front of me. It read “BEE GEES”, that was my grandma’s favorite band!

Oh, boy! Did the tears start a flowin’!


Plants and animals

Animals are already known to bring messages from spirit but when four bald eagles fly overhead 15 minutes after you ask for a sign then you KNOW that they were sent just for you!

Flowers and plants are similar to animals in that each one has its own symbolic meaning. It’s a bit different however when you’re looking for a sign from a loved one.

If their favorite flowers and plants cross your path then you know they are with you.


Memories or things that remind you of them.

Have you ever just been going about your business when suddenly a flash of a memory or your loved one’s voice seems to pop in your head out of nowhere? This is a sign that not only are they with you but they are trying to connect with you!

In these moments, pay attention! They may have more tricks up their sleeve than you realize too!

A few weeks ago my sister and I had been talking about my grandparents because we both kept feeling them. The very same day my mom told my sister she had just found an old set of my grandma’s keys from 8 years before.

My grandma was a gift giver and my little sister is about to start driving…coincidence? I think not!



Yep, it’s true you can smell em’! 

If your loved one is near you may smell their old perfume or even their cooking. It can be quite a strange experience but it is a trigger to the senses to think about them thus letting you know they are in the very same room with you!

Your loved ones, spirit guides, and spirit team are always around you. They reach out to you and try so hard to connect with you. It’s up to you to recognize the signs! To learn how to ask for a sign from spirit click here!

One thought on “6 Signs From Your Loved-One In Heaven

  1. Hi Ashley! I love these kinds of articles. I lost my fiancé just shy of two years ago and I started receiving messages and signs from him almost immediately. It’s so much fun to talk to like minded friends about all the crazy things that have happened and to hear their stories too! There are so many people out there with stories like yours and mine. I don’t know about you but to me, personal experience is the best form of proof on e could get. It makes it so real when it happens to you and it seems like everyone has at least one story. I can’t believe that there are still people out there who think it’s all fake! I’m so grateful that I have the awareness and open mindedness to catch the signs from my fiancé. Connecting with him has helped me to heal and to feel less alone. I know he is guiding me and watching over me and it’s such a special bond we share. Thanks for writing about this!

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