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25 Signs You Might be a Medium!


Did you know that you could be a psychic medium and not even know it? We are all born with psychic abilities but we usually shut them down by the age of 8. This is because we are conditioned to believe that we are the only ones in the universe and all else is make believe. As far back as I can remember I have questioned this theory…I’m talking 4 years old and I’m having talks about the Universe.  What a weirdo right?

  1. I just didn’t understand how out of the entire – infinite Universe people could possibly think that we are the only living beings. I didn’t get it then and I still don’t understand it now!

  2. I have always believed in God but I never understood saying “my God is right and your God is wrong.” Especially when we are taught that there is only one God….confusing right?

  3. If praying is talking to God and he hears us, then why on Earth is it so wrong to get messages back?

This is how my little mind has worked my entire life! By asking adults and church members these questions I was considered to be disobedient and they thought that perhaps something was wrong with me. BUT WHY? I just wanted answers and if someone could have given me a good answer I would have probably let it go.

Every time I saw something in my room or heard a voice, I was told it was just my imagination. This is what happens to most of us. When we are repeatedly told we are wrong we begin to shut down.

If your gifts are really strong you can try shutting them down, but mark my words – they always open back up! For years and years I tried to tune them out; I convinced myself I was crazy and no one else needed to know. The older I got however, the stronger they became until I just couldn’t take it anymore. I decided I was going to figure it out and learn how to communicate with the spirits that were so desperately trying to get my attention!

25 signs you might be a medium –

  1. You’ve always had very vivid dreams. (Or you’re startng to have very vivid dreams)
  2. You have frequent nightmares.
  3. You’ve learned how to control your dreams a little bit.
  4. You remember seeing things, people, shadows, or lights as a kid.
  5. You’re extremely creative and imaginative.
  6. You have many synchronicities happen.
  7. You’ve dealt with unexplainable bouts of depression your entire life.
  8. You feel like you want to go “home” even if you are at home.
  9. You feel like someone is watching you.
  10. You have heard voices or someone calling your name when no one is there.
  11. You give the BEST advice and don’t even know where it comes from.
  12. You’re fascinated by anything paranormal.
  13. You’re drawn to certain locations or buildings with no clue why.
  14. You see flashes of light.
  15. You just know things.
  16. You talk to your self all the time…like ALL THE TIME.
  17. You get unexplainable anxiety or nausea that leaves as quickly as it comes on.
  18. You just KNOW there is more out there in the Universe.
  19. You don’t believe the masses just because you are told too.
  20. You appreciate nature and animals more than most.
  21. You question EVERYTHING.
  22. You sense energy.
  23. You feel like someone is with you but you can’t see anyone.
  24. You see images of people you don’t know when you close your eyes.
  25. Random ideas or answers to internal questions suddenly pop into your head out of nowhere!


If you said YES to at least 5 of these, then congrats! You’re probably a psychic medium! If you need help deciphering which are your strongest gifts I can totally help you with that!

I would love to hear if you’re a psychic medium and even about your experiences, leave a comment below!


41 thoughts on “25 Signs You Might be a Medium!

  1. I matched with nearly everything on this post, along with a few other posts that I have come across. In the last few years I have been very sensitive to other people and their vibes, I guess you could say. I have yet to be wrong about a person I have just met, and usually within minutes I know exactly the kind of person they are. But the thing that has been concerning me the most is for the past three to four years, I wake up at the same time nearly every night or every other night and feel as though someone or something is trying to contact me. I sleep horribly as it is, but I wake up between 3:30 am and 4:30 am, feel something next to my bed and then fall back to sleep. I’ve also been having very strange dreams and a lot of nightmares. But the thing that confuses me the most is my younger brother is supposedly a medium or used to be at least. When he was about four years old my mom went to a medium and discussed my brother with her. From there they determined he was a medium and that my older brother and I were just normal children. But as he got older, he doesn’t feel these things or remember anything from when he was a kid. Then, when I turned about 18/19, I am in my twenties now, I’ve been having all of these feelings and strange occurrences. Also, around the same time that all of this began I have had issues with anxiety and depression. I always blew it off as I was just an anxious or paranoid person since the medium said that I was normal. I have had recent instances where i was in a deep sleep and woke up from someone whispering “Madeline” in my ear, or just muffled sound of voices when I knew I was alone. There was one night where my boyfriend was away for the night so I was in bed alone and the lights were out and I had my sleep mask on, and it felt as though someone had sat on the edge of the bed where my feet were. I was completely alone in my room, no cats or dogs just me. I am so afraid of the dark and sleeping that I always sleep with a sleep mask covering my eyes because when I used to wake up in the middle of the night I swear I could see someone in my room. This has become more than just a coincidence for me and I think I’m finally ready to learn more about what is going on. But a lot of posts say that this begins as a child, so why has this all started up when I became an adult? I remember seeing things a child, but that was the extent of it really.

  2. I can relate to a lot of the points mentioned. but most were when I was younger and people would tell me it was just my imagination. so I blocked it out or ignored it. lately I think it’s been coming back but not as strong, but I want to know how to get more in touch with it and find out what my strong point (s) is.

    1. Hi Shantelle! It tends to fade when we are younger and starts to creep back up when we are older and can better manage it. I would love to talk with you to help you assess which are your strongest gifts and then how to work with them! I have a few courses you might be interested in but I also offer one on one coaching/mentoring! I would be delighted to connect more!

  3. Wow…I can relate to everything on your list! I been telling myself these are coincidences and that I’m crazy since I was a kid! My grandmother also is who awoken my gifts…I’m trying to learn about myself, it hasn’t been easy to say the least.

  4. I always dream of relatives either right before they pass and most often after they pass. they always communicate with me and give me advice. my grandfather once gave me 3 numbers and i played them in the lottery and won. nothing extravagant but enough to have spending money on a trip that was paid for but no extra cash. i also dreamt that he was chasing me and trying to hurt me and when i ran around a corner in my dream he popped out and told me to wake up because that was not him, usually everything is in dreams. but as im falling asleep i randomly hear phrases or words by voices i dont recognize. i just thought i was extremely tired. until today. i was woken up by a womans voice clear as day, very stern, that said ” did you hear what happened to your grandmother”. it felt like it was in my ear. it literally stopped my heart because i was home alone. i thought someone was in my house. once again just thought i was super tired bc i wake up a lot at night. an hour later my phone rings its my mother, telling me my grandmother had an accident and fell an shattered her leg. as a child i had imaginary friends. and within the past couple years i see shadows out of the corner of my eye, voices more often when im falliing asleep, and sometimes my body jumps as im falling asleep, and even when im falling asleep its like i stop breathing and have to gasp for air, and then im fine. wondering if i have a gift i could tap into or if im just crazy.

    1. Oh man, it feels like I’m talking to myself right now haha! I had all/very similar experiences throughout life as well. Just like you it started as mostly dreams/voices. You’re clairvoyant and clairaudient. No doubt about it! You’re not crazy though it may feel like it sometimes I promise you’re not. This is how it manifests and will continue to grow until managed. Think about yourself as a lighthouse on a dark shore. So many boats are attracted to your light but it’s up to you to only allow the boats you want to come to shore. I can certainly help you with this should you be interested! In the meantime set boundaries and start working with your spirit guides!

  5. I have 24 out of 25 of those signs and have experienced dizziness for no reason. I have gone to tons of doctors and no one has an explanation for my dizzy episodes. I almost past out on my schools ghost tour in Gettysburg and have always believed I am “different”. I have a past of “gifts” in my family and everyone on my moms side is fascinated with anything paranormal. Not many people believe me when I tell them I think I can sense ghosts and they call me nuts. But idk if my brain is just making it up cause I want to be. Oh and I have scared my family cause all the time I tell them I wanna go home but I’m sitting on the couch…and I saw “visions” of something that would happen that happened a few minutes later.

    1. Hey Ashley! It sounds like you’re very gifted. I know what it’s like to feel like you want to go home but you are..the pull can be very strong. You might like The Three Waves Of Volunteers and The New Earth by Delores Cannon. It helped me so much to understand what had always been going on with me. I would love to chat one on one if you ever want to see which are your strongest gifts and how to work with them!! Sending love! Ohh and next time you feel the dizziness or heaviness ground and protect your energy…set boundaries and see if that helps!

  6. I’ve always had the feeling that I’m a medium. I’ve seen things out of the corner of my eye that disappear. I had spiritual encounters (especially as a child/younger teen) that I could never explain and that followed me. I’ve always been very empathic/in tune with other people’s emotions. No one has ever been able to lie to me about being in a good or bad mood because I already know. I see random faces of people when I close my eyes, have always been interested in the paranormal, have random bouts of anxiety and depression, and find myself always wanting to know MORE! I want to be able to harness my gifts and not feel like I’m crazy or insecure, as these experiences have always messed with my self-esteem as I always felt I was an eccentric person and have had trouble “fitting in”. All I can say is HELP!!! I would love to have help harnessing these gifts… My goal would be to help others to move on in their lives by talking to their loved ones through me (if I have this gift
    which by this list I had over half to two-thirds of these qualities), and through these experiences to validate and help myself.

  7. I can remember back to be a small child like maybe 4 years old and sitting in my bedroom by myself and just having a circle of people around me I knew no one else could see them but I was not afraid of them, and I always felt like there were people with me that I was never alone and I never spoke of it to anyone as I got older and my parents split up and we moved to different houses I could sense things or people that weren’t there, but I was always quiet and never quite fit in with other people and I had a lot of teachers that called me an old sole and that I was mature beyond my years! But now that I am older I look back on my late teens and early twenties and my experiences of hearing voices in my home that I shared with just my toddler , and seeing shadows and flashes of light and just thought my house was haunted or I was crazy. And at work I could look at someone and know exactly what kind of mood they were in mad, sad or happy in turn everyone always came to me to talk about what was going on in their lives. I worked in a very loud lab i had and exhaust fan that ran all day it was loud! But I always knew when someone walked in my lab no matter how many times someone tried to sneak up on me they couldn’t! And they would say how do you do that?! I have had dreams that would come true to some extent, I have had extremely terrifying nightmares that felt extremely real, I have had thoughts of people just pop into my head and then they would show up, I see people out of the corner of my eye and then they disappear , and when both of my grandparents passed away I was in the room with them and I knew at the moment they passed they were gone and they passed quietly we had to take my grandpa off of a ventilator and I he lived for almost an hour they kept coming in and checking his pulse in a moment I was sitting in between my sister and aunt we all had shorts on we were at the foot of my grandpas bed I got goose bumps so big I looked at my aunt and sister and they did not have them I said aren’t you guys freezing I just got so cold and the nurse heard me and came in and checked his pulse and he was gone, she looked at me and said honey some people just know your special! But in the last few years I have been getting touched very boldly like there is no mistaking it like ow that was in your head no this was like an invisible person just grabbed my wrist…. and the last 2 times it has happened it has been after someone I loved very much passed away. The one I was reaching for my phone and something grabbed my wrist I pulled my hand back like what the hell was that? I told my husband about it and 2 days later I found out that my step grandmother whom I was very close to growing up had passed away that very morning that my wrist was grabbed, then just last week I was laying in bed and I kept feeling something like pushing and wiggling both of my legs just above my ankles I sat straight up in the bed and said ok is there animals in our bed or what the hell is touching me as I was. Icing my blankets around and nothing was there ( as I knew there wasn’t!) my husband said ow it’s all in your head I said oh no it isn’t either. I payed backed down and it started back up I eventually fell asleep, only to wake up the next morning and find it that one of my best childhood friends had passed away the night before. I could go on and on as I am sure you can tell! My sister has always told me she thought I was very sensitive and that I should look into more!

    1. It sounds like you’re very gifted and certainly have some spirits trying to reach out to you!!! How exciting! I bet if you honed in even just a little bit your would surprise yourself! I hope that you find my articles helpful and when the time is right for you I would love to help you with your intuitive development. You would be surprised at how just grounding and working with your spirit guides will drastically change your life!

  8. Good morning,
    I’m Kristi and I pretty much said yes to all the above. I recently tried to seek help with a local medium to cleanse my house. She said I could speak with her afterwards for guidance, but ever since then will not contact me back and did not remember who I was when I initially contacted her after the cleansing and that was two weeks after. So, that was discouraging. I have been experiencing various things throughout my life and it is only getting worse. I can feel someone watching me, my name has been whispered many times when trying to sleep, I have seen flashes of light and a huge apparition at the end of my bed that my mother and I both witnessed together. I also have see many floating faces at night while I am laying in bed. Everyone kept making me feel crazy including myself, so I began taking pictures and I ended up documenting various faces and figures within the pictures. When my dog passed whom I was extremely close to, I asked him one night if he would show himself to me and he did and there is a picture of him as well. Also, last week I was down in the kitchen and I felt like I could hear a child cry, so I got freaked out and came upstairs to go to sleep. Once I was in bed I continued to hear whispering, so I took out my phone and began videotaping the room. The video taping stopped after six seconds and then my phone stopped working all together. So I turned it back on and listened to the six second video. In the video you hear “what was that” and then a loud snap of someone’s fingers at the end and that was it. So I truly feel something is going on with me. I have so many more stories to tell but I have no one to guide me and I do not know what to do with all of this. I am so depressed, have so much anxiety all the time, cannot sleep, and feel so stuck. I am begging for some sort of guidance or any type of suggestions please. I live in a very small town where trying to find any type of guidance is scarce. I appreciate you reading this and I am sorry this is so long.

    1. Hi Kristie, I’m sorry that happened to you with the other medium. I would love to help you with your gifts. It sounds like you’re very clairaudient and clairvoyant so that is where we can start. The flashes of light are good things!!! That means spirit guides or angels both very high vibrational beings that you DO want around.

      I would love to talk with you more and hear more about your experiences. From what I’m reading spirit is very close to you and it will be easy as pie for you to tap into it. Just a question do you happen to live on really old land or in a really old home? I keep getting that feeling.

      Anyways, if you would like to talk one on one you can follow this link and we can get you scheduled http://lightloveandspirit.com/product-category/spiritual-coaching-mentoring/

      From there we can figure out the best route for you to handle this!

      Sending love!

  9. Good Morning,
    All my life for as long as i can remember, whenever someone dies close to me they come to me in my dreams. my nephew killed himself and about a month after he passed , he came to me in my dream and told me it was a total accident that he did not want to do it, that the chair rolled out from under him and that was it. he wanted me to tell his mom. after that my mom passed away and she came to me. I’ve had several people come to me in this way. so does this mean i have a gift.

    1. Hey Elizabeth yep you have a gift! This happened to me or the longest time as well. It’s a sign you’re a medium and clairvoyant. Of course spirits can visit whomever they want but if its happening to you with multiple people and with messages these are very clear signs! How exciting for you!

  10. I always feel like I’m being touched..I just returned from a reading and the whole time there i felt sick to my stomach.. I’ve always seen thing I could not explain.And I want to figure it out now.

    1. Hi Geanna! The feeling of being touched AND the nausea is clairsentience. You can feel energy and you may have either been feeling the emotion/ailments of the spirit present during your reading. Or a few other spirit related things as well. I would love to help you along your development journey and have quite a few programs to assist you in the shop! If you have any questions about my offerings please email me at ashley@lightloveandspirit.com

  11. I actually seen a medium today and she told me that i wasnt crazy and that i accepted it that more channels i think was the word. Would open. I would love any kind of advice that would help on how to. I guess how to do everything. Im open to quiet a bit

  12. Hello, my name is Rachel and I would like to reach out because recently, I have realised the gift I have! I’ve always kind of known for a long time but I buried it deep down because I thought I was crazy or everyone else would think that too. I have heard voices when I was home alone, stomping, and I’ve always seen flashes of light or shadows for a glimpse. What really did it was feeling like someone was watching me when I was alone to the point where I would have random panic attacks and I wasn’t even thinking about something stressful. When I got older, I would even sometimes feel someone breathe down my neck! Since I have found out my gift, I have felt even more power growing and growing each day. I would really appreciate your help figuring out all of my abilities and how to use it!

    1. Rachel,
      look into psychic development classes…..I have just started finding my gifts and find these classes help….also stores that sell spiritual items…..you will buy and learn about lots of great stuff, and will also meet like minded people….go see a psychic medium and a psychic for readings….ask them about your gifts….and research and practice! hope this helps!

  13. Since moving to Pittsburgh I have totally had an increase is some of the items on the list. It’s been a very fast pace thing and I am afraid to talk about it with most people. Thank you for sharing this list. It’s very informative. 🙂

  14. I am a medium and I am still learning about things for years I thought I was crazy but now I know I’m not when I look at your photo my heart races this happens when I meet another medium or when I feel spirit is this what happens to you ?

        1. I absolutely love mentoring it’s quite possibly my favorite thing to do lol! It’s so wonderful to help people hone in on their gifts and learn to manage them! I offer spiritual coaching/mentoring in the shop. These are one on one calls where we talk about your experiences, learn which of your gifts are the strongest, and we can focus on your development and management. Of course the calls can be focused on whatever you want to focus on that day! Here is the link, looking forward to working with you! http://lightloveandspirit.com/product-category/spiritual-coaching/

  15. Hi! I just found this article and was astonished to have 25/25! I have been told by a medium that I am definitely an Earth Angel with all the archangels surrounding me. That was a lot to take in! I just don’t know how to hone my skills and exactly what skills I may have. If you could point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated! Love to you in this new year!

    1. Hi Kay! How exciting and how beautiful! I know it can be a lot to take in but just think of how many people you could help with your gifts! I can absolutely help you to develop, manage, and hone in on your gifts! I have a few different options that would be of service to you!

      The intuitive development courses come with a one on one coaching call and are used to develop your strongest clairs. This program includes meditations, ways to develop, exercises, ways to protect/ground, and more! Here is the link for that one!

      In addition, if you’re looking for more of a one on one type of mentorship, I have that as well! I offer 1, 4, and 8 week packages for this! You can find that link here. http://lightloveandspirit.com/product/intuitive-progression-sessions-5-week-bundle/

      Of course, there are tons of free articles on my site as well! I look forward to talking to you soon and thank you so much for reading my blog and reaching out! http://lightloveandspirit.com/product-category/spiritual-coaching/

  16. Hello Ashley from light,love and spirit!
    I ran into to your blog just couple days ago and really enjoyed reading your posts. ( Thank you for writing about your experiences so openly) I can’t believe being a medium (though 20 out of 25 claims were accurate to me) since I somehow fear that it would be a smug or fake from me just to decide on my own that I have a gift called mediumship. Maybe that is cause I have always thought that only special people have the capability to be in a contact to the other side, even when I know that psychic gifts are pretty common these days. : D Don’t know about mediumship but I have seen lot of light flashes and “heat waved” figures, sometimes heard distant talking, music and my name called (mostly when I am going to sleep). I have always seen energy around people and things, but never real aura colours and couple of times I have had this vision or dream where spirit has asked me to deliver a message. I would name myself as a psychic but being a medium I still have high doubts.

    1. Hi Sheena! To me, it sounds like you’re a medium…espeically since you are seeing and hearing! I know it’s a hard concept to grasp…trust me lol I was scared to death that I was just crazy for the longest time. However once I realized that I could help someone I became more open to it! I totally get the feeling of “who me?” as I too thought that this gift was reserved for a select few but I now realize we all have gifts that manifest in different ways and we all have the ability to expand and grow those gifts! Thank you so much for reading my articles and for your comment!! <3

      1. Hey Ashley!
        Your answer was able to ease my doubts a bit. Lot of thanks and hugs for you! ^_^ You were able to give me some trust that these happenings in my life, are most likely all natural and I may have some mediumship in me.
        Sometimes when I am with a friend or acquaintance who tells about his/hers life and all the hardships and joys I may start to cry and feel like huge energy overflow over me and it can be so bad that I tremble. It feels the same as when you r listening some wonderful musical masterpiece and get sentimental images from that. This can also happen when I am alone thinking my own things. I wonder if this is my way as an empath to react to people’s energy and stories that can often be very emotionally loaded or could it be that I can sense spirits and guides energy this way? I have never heard of someone sensing spirits by crying! 😀 Have wondered this a long time since people naturally ask why I cry when they are just talking about their lifelong friendship or their mom’s health. I love to hear peoples life stories (especially their worries) but this tendency gets me into awkward moments that are hard to explain cause even I don’t know what creates them. : )

  17. Thank you for this post. I am constantly confused with where I stand regarding the spiritual realm. I dunno if it’s all a part of my overactive imagination, if I am psychic, or if I just attract spirits because I’m so hypersensitive. I’ve been leaving in fear for as long as I could remember, thinking there was always something there I could not see. Having dreams of being in space crafts, but the beings weren’t normally threatening towards me. Having sleep paralysis attacks with giant animals, ghostly/angelic/and darker looking beings, shadow people, and even the “popular old hag” like being standing over me while I can’t move. One of them said to me my lights were gonna go out when I was in paralysis. I woke up and minutes later my whole apartment complex and the street had a power outage. I didn’t start hearing voices until I was 14. I try to sum these things up to symptoms of my narcolepsy, but somethings I can never debunk. (I can go on and on about experiences).

    But there are some perks that I’ve experienced. I have had a little bit of foresight here and there where I’ve been able to dodge some dangers or failures. I have always been able to control my dreams (didn’t know it was called lucid dreaming until a few years ago). I also have a dreamworld that I’ve mapped and go to when I’m stressed out. It’s very much like a fantasy/sci-fi video game. I can start up my dream when I close my eyes and then enter directly into it. I’ve been able to steal a friend’s high one time (and I’ve never smoked weed before lol). And I’ve been able to close my eyes and stop physical minor pains a few times (it was like I could see my neuropathways or something lol).

    I dunno if I’m a medium. I suck at controlling these things. Sometimes I can have really active time periods and there have been times where I would go without any experiences for almost as long 6 months. I may just be a hypersensitive or a really creative person. I just pray to God all the time asking to help me through it and block and protect me from being tricked or harmed by negative entities. And if it’s my own brain that’s attacking me, I ask him to protect me from myself.

    1. Hey Tia! You’re very very welcome! I have had similar experiences to you and I know exactly what you’re talking about. This stuff can be overwhelming and hard to handle but I can promise you once ou get a handle on it and learn to manage it everything changes. Everything becomes more beautiful and YOU become much happier. Life won’t be so scary anymore and you will start actually enjoying connecting with spirit! I have a few articles on here that could help you and I also teach intuitive progression sessions and I am doing spiritual coaching as well. If you’re interested in spiritual coaching shoot me an email and we can talk! Ashley@lightloveandspirit.com until then check out the “my story” series and “5 ways to dial down your intuitive abilities”! Talk to you soon! Much love to you!

  18. Hi I’m Jeannie. As a child I always knew that my name was Jeannie for a reason. I was the kid that was convinced that I would be able to fly if I tried hard enough. Lol. Growing up I’ve never really had a big picture plan for my life, I’ve always Forrest Gump’d my way through trusting that it would all be ok and it has been.
    I have to a weird extent the ability to suggest. I testes this once with my brother in law, I wrote down a 1 to 2 digit number and mentally sent it to him an he would call out the exact numer every time until he quit because it was freaking him out. I’ve noticed it in other ways but wasn’t sure if I was sending or receiving.
    I have many more examples of my craziness lol. But the most recent was when I was sitting in my back yard and watched a male spirit wearing a weastern hat and long coat walk through my yard for about 30 feet before he was gone.
    I believe that I have all of this for a reason but I honestly don’t know what to do with it right now, I’m just letting the Universe guide me at this point and waiting for more clues. I don’t tell people about hardly any of this but felt like I could tell you. Maybe the Universe guided me to you. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You!

    1. Hey Jeannie! I love that you’re so trusting of the Universe, this takes many years of practice and still some never get to that point!

      It’s not craziness lol I used to think it was too! It sounds like you’re claircognizant and clairvoyant! Which is awesome, both of these are such a treat and so helpful in the physical and in spirit. I have quite a few articles that could probably help you along your path!

      If you want more in depth help, check out the shop and see if maybe there is something of interest to you! I offer intuitive progression sessions to help you manage and develop your skills. This has been a great help to many so far!

      If you have any specific questions about your gifts or even if you just want to say hi please feel free to email me at Ashley@lightloveandspirit.com!

      Talk to you soon and thank you for reading my blog!

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