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Intuitive Abilities – Interview On The Spiritual Voice Podcast

A little while back I received an email from Pol Cousineau the host of The Spiritual Voice Podcast. Pol told me he had been reading through my site and was really enjoying the way I share so openly about mediumship. He told me about his podcast and his mission to help other spiritual practitioners develop their presence and reach more people.

After communicating back and forth Pol and I decided to meet; through our call, we learned more about each other’s businesses. I was intrigued by his background and drive to help other spiritual practitioners, and he enjoyed learning more about spirit and how to connect! Pol started his career in finance and business and didn’t necessarily believe in mediumship and all things spiritual. That was until he had a few of his own life-changing experiences. Since then, Pol has been traveling and leading spiritual retreats in Peru and helping spiritual entrepreneurs build their businesses and spread their word. He provided me with so much valuable information that I will take with me for years to come!

After our Skype session, Pol invited me to be interviewed on his show and I jumped at the opportunity! I loved the way he talked about business and spirituality with a down to Earth approach and I thought of it as an honor to be a part of his mission!

In my interview, we discuss spirituality, mediumship, and intuitive development. I encourage you to check it out below!

Of course with spirit, everything is in divine timing and Pol wanted to know more about the 5 Week Intuitive Development Program that I had just released! We discussed the different clairs and how to recognize them, I even walked him through a few of the exercises!

We talked about how accepting your gifts and learning to use and manage them can be a total life changer! During the interview we also talked about his experiences and mine, it’s always very interesting to hear other people’s experiences with spirit! It is my hope that this interview helps people to realize they don’t have to be fearful;  working with spirit and connecting to the divine is such a beautiful thing!

Again I am so grateful to have been a part of this show and work with Pol! If you’re a spiritual practitioner you’re going to want to check out his 5 Minute Makeover To Serve More People, you can find that here! In addition to the video’s don’t forget to check out the podcast where you can listen to over 100 episodes interviewing spiritual practitioners from all walks of life!  

With love and light,


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2 thoughts on “Intuitive Abilities – Interview On The Spiritual Voice Podcast

  1. Great job, Ashley, as always.

    Speaking of clairaudience, I woke up one day in between sleep, you know – you’re not fully awake, your eyes are still closed, but you recognize that you’re not sleep anymore and you are aware that you are in your room. So, I’m waking up and I hear a conversation. A normal tone conversation that was matter of fact. I felt like I was listening in to someone talking to me or my subconscious. I only heard one voice and I can’t recall deciphering any actual words or content, but it was the weirdest experience. It felt that someone was talking to me but not my conscious self.

    I often hear high pitched tones and my ears feel clogged and pop daily.

    Keep up the good work…

    Oh yeah, I asked for my spirit guide to present themselves to me and my cat walked into the room and meowed. Does that count….


    1. Thanks Andray! It’s actually easiest for spirit to connect with you in the in between sleep and awake state! This is because our guards are down and we don’t have any outside distraction. What you experienced was definitely clairaudience, congrats!! Your guides could have sent your cat in as a symbolism for sure; perhaps your guide will show himself to you as a cat and they were preparing you for that!

      Thank you again for the compliment and encouragement!!

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