Are You Claircognizant?

Are You Claircognizant?

I’ve written about clairaudience (clear hearing) and clairvoyance (clear seeing) but did you know there are a few more “clairs”? Well there are and today I am going to expand on another one!


Claircognizance is clear knowing. Do you ever just know something? You don’t know how or why you know it to be true, you just do! This is a gift, embrace it!

Here are some signs you might be claircognizant

  • The answers to questions you’ve had or heard someone speak automatically pop into your head. You don’t know where this information came from but you KNOW it’s accurate.
  • You can easily pick up when someone isn’t telling the truth…even people you don’t know.
  • You can sense the snake in the grass…meaning you know upon meeting someone if they have a good or bad character.
  • Someone tells you to turn right but you chose to turn left just to hear on the radio that there was a big accident in the other direction.
  • You feel beckoned to go to certain places at a certain time. You usually go shopping on Sunday’s but Saturday you feel the urge to go and you run into a long lost friend!

These things may seem like small coincidences but if they are happening to you often and you step back and take a look at the bigger picture you may realize that you actually have a gift! I think of this as a form of telepathy and while this ability may be a little harder to recognize than seeing a spirit walking around, it is equally as valuable.

In my experience the more you open up…the more you open up. What I mean is if you’re practicing opening up your clairvoyant abilities, don’t be surprised if you start developing some other abilities along the way.

Over the past month or two I have been thinking things and then BAM! they happen seconds or minutes later. It’s been nuts! Y’all know my hubs isn’t the biggest believer in all of this but he is coming around. Last week while we were watching t.v. I said something about the guy on the show and not even 10 seconds later the guy on the show repeated EXACTLY what I had said. (This was a new episode so no, I couldn’t have seen it prior)

The look of shock on Hubby’s face was priceless. I didn’t even have to say anything…we both started laughing and he just says “I don’t know how you did that but I’m sure it’s a coincidence” My reply…”I don’t know how I did it either, but NOTHING is coincidence”

Have you had similar experiences? I’d love to hear about them! Leave me some comments on here or on the Facebook page!

18 thoughts on “Are You Claircognizant?”

  1. I have had that ability all of my life. I just thought I was lucky or that I had taken the right guess. As an adult I have learned to use my ability so much better. It still gets me sometimes and I am always amazed when it happens.

  2. I have experienced this many times in my life. I chalked it up to my amazing analytic experiences combined with a dash of life experience. For instance, I have a friend who’s sons are 6’10 and 6’11 and both, obviously, play basketball. a few years ago the eldest was playing basketball for a well-known private school on the east coast (senior year of high school). He was doing well that year and had an amazing tournament. Mom, my admin assistant at the time, started receiving congrats from connected members of the basketball community referencing the impending announcement from Villanova that they were going to be offering him a full ride scholarship. Villanova even reached out to the mom and said they would be in contact. A day later the chatter stopped. Nothing for a day or two and nothing from Villanova.

    I was walking by her office space and stopped to check on things, as usual. She explained the situation and her resulting confusion and dismay. She said she just couldn’t understand it. I was confused, too. Didn’t make any sense. I turned my head and closed my eyes really tightly and the answer just came to me – he’s (the coach) bashing your kid.

    I repeated it to her that the head coach of his team was speaking poorly about her son to prospective schools, and that he was the reason Villanova pulled back. She asked how I knew and I said I don’t know. I just knew it. She called the coach after I left her space and confronted him armed with just my hunch. He responded that her kid had a bad attitude and went on to say some other negative things, confirming our suspicion.

    I have had things like this happen a few other times. My question is this – how do you know the difference between claircognizance and clairaudience. Meaning, could it be spirit suggesting the answer to you vs. you just knowing?

    1. I’m sorry that happened to him but I am really glad you were able to figure out the problem and help him!

      So the difference is with clairaudience you will actually hear yourself or someone else talking to you in your head and with the other its kind of dropped or downloaded…meaning you just kind of know. You don’t know how you know or where you suddenly got this idea from but it’s there and it’s right and you know it in your gut! They are both equally wonderful gifts and very useful!

      If you ever want help growing your abilities this is a great resource for you, I now offer development classes. However there are plenty of useful articles if you’re not ready for that yet! Feel free to shoot me an email any time with your questions! [email protected]

      Love and light, Ashley.

  3. Hi Ashley,

    Thanks for this blog post! I’ve had these experiences my whole life, from small, insignificant hunches, to big, potentially life-changing situations (if I didn’t react to it)…

    When I was around 12 years old, we were driving out of town to visit friends living on a game farm. My dad was driving a normal speed and I told him to slow down because a warthog can run across the road. He slowed down and seconds later a warthog crossed the road. If we hit it, it would’ve caused a serious accident!

    Around the same age my dad went hunting for a weekend. He started cleaning his weapons when I came back home on the Sunday. Our whole family was sitting in the kitchen with him and I asked him if I can pull the trigger of the one. He said yes, so I asked him if there is ammunition inside it and his response was ‘no’. So, I picked up the weapon and aimed, but decided to check the chamber and there was ammunition inside! If I didn’t check it, someone could’ve gotten seriously hurt!

    A few years ago I was driving back home in the middle of the night, when I approached a green traffic light. But I just knew I had to slow down, and when I got close to it, I saw a car from the right speeding over the red light, which would’ve ended in a serious collision if I didn’t slow down!

    A few weeks ago I walked into the office and saw a colleague and just knew she was pregnant, and only the next week she announced it to everyone. I’ve also had really vivid dreams and can differentiate when it means something to me or someone else or when it’s just a ‘normal dream’…

    My entire life I’ve had these ‘moments’ and I always thought to myself, ‘how is it that I just knew it?”… And only recently did I start seeing my ability as a gift and I really want to develop it. So glad I found your website!! 🙂

    1. Wow! I love this Therita!! You’re definitely talented and I am so happy you found my site, I think it will be a great asset for you and your development! When you’re ready I also have individual coaching sessions tailored towards your intuitive progression. Keep following your gut feelings and keep working on your gifts, you have already helped keep yourself and others out of danger. Think of what you could do once you’re more developed? Love and light to you!!

  4. My whole life I’ve experienced strange insights and intuitive moments and to find now that there’s a name for this is so interesting and answers a lot of questions and raises others.
    I remember once years ago going out to lunch with some co-workers and just looking across the street at a large group of people and knowing one particular woman was going to have her bag snatched, I mentioned this to my co-workers and they told me I was nuts there’s like a dozen people over there I don’t see anything I told them that man there will do it, as soon as the light changed he grabbed her bag and ran that just scared my co-workers more then the robbery. There was the time I was standing in line to get some food and I instantly knew to get off the line not more then a minute later the two men that had been standing behind me robbed the poor old man who had been right in front of me they were gone before anyone could do anything. (I’ve sensed people this way almost my whole life it’s gotten me out of a lot of situations that would’ve had bad endings)
    Let’s just say my fellow office workers no longer wanted to hang out with me for lunch or after work at that job, I learned very quickly to keep such insights to myself.
    I’ve had friends say you’ll never believe what happened to me today and before they finished the sentence, the words would be coming out my mouth and they’d look at me how did you know that? I always answer lucky guess some lucky guess they would say want to guess tomorrow’s lottery numbers for me they’d say but the thing is my insights are never premonitions like that just mostly feelings of dread or insights into people actions or thoughts.
    I learned to keep any disturbing insights or flashes to myself even my brother told me once do me a favor you get any of those hunches or flashes keep them to yourself. I just wished these flashes were more often good news. Also I find large crowds give me headaches and exhaust me very quickly. So I have avoided for years now any kind of crowds I find myself overwhelmed from constantly reading people. The last job I had worked at an airport and that was exhausting. My fellow workers would tease me about hanging out a therapist shingle since complete strangers would just tell me things about their private lives the other workers found the whole thing amusing and would joke about it.
    This has happened to me my whole life. My wife simply chalks it up to being friendly and a good intuition about people nothing more, but I’m not so sure.
    I’ve read people use these gifts to help others but I can’t really see how me sensing people thoughts or actions moments before is useful to anyone but me?

    1. Hey Leo! Sounds like you’re extremely gifted and also very empathic. These gifts can be channeled into different avenues for helping. Such as helping people to stop negative thought patterns, tapping into their higher self to give readings to see what they really need to help the heal etc. Empaths are also fantastic healers and once you learn to manage your gift you won’t leave yourself so open all the time and thus you won’t be taking on peoples energy all the time. If you would like to work together please let me know and we can help you manage and utilize your gifts! I have both one on one mentoring and e-courses that can be done on your own time! Talk to you soon!

      1. How would I know what courses are best for me and developing these gifts? Would I need to fill out a questionnaire about personal occurrences or would that have to include family history of such events also?
        Until recently my impression was the only psychics were either mediums or clairvoyant. Everything else you wrote off as gut feeling, intuition or just a coincidence. I’m very interested in what you suggested about using it to counseling people.

        1. Hi Leo! In regards to the intuitive development and progression course, it includes a free coaching call! This is to discuss past occurrences, to work with your guides, and to assess which are your strongest gifts. From there I will enroll you into the courses that best fit your gifts. If you prefer to work one on one over the phone I also offer coaching and mentoring! From what I read it sounds like you may be clairsentient and claircognizant! I look forward to working with you!!

  5. I’ve been claircognizant since I can remember. In preschool, the teacher did a standard test with 4 pictures on a page and a question such as “which picture shows someone dancing? “. There were probably 20 of these pages. I would point to the correct picture before the questionwas asked. I remember just knowing. I could tell my teacher was freaked out lol. She had a meeting with my parents to show them and tell them what happened. That was when I was 4 years old and it’s been happening my entire life. The worst is when I blurt things out and it’s supposed to be a secret. It shocks people.

  6. I usually only predict small things. I never saved anybody from anything or stuff like that. It’s just daily stuff that I seem to know.
    A co-worker of mine is pregnant – I knew the sex of the baby immediately. I never guessed the sex of a baby wrong since I was a child myself.
    And I just know if you need to worry about people. Like when somebody needs to visit a doctor or need to go to the hospital. I just know they are gonna make it…. or not. But I learned to not tell people the latter. That kind of freaks them out. I used to work in a hospital and predicted lots of deaths… and then got bullied heavily for that so I had to quit the job even though I quite liked it. They even called me “Angel of Death”, cause usually I used to be the last one in a room before somebody died. Like I just had a feeling that I needed to say good bye or that they wanted somebody to hold their hand for the last time or stuff like that. It was weird, when I think about this.
    When I think about it, there are quite a few things I seem to just randomly know. If people succeed at job interviews. If I’ll get my delivery on the day that amazon promised. Which neighbours will have my delivery, if I wasn’t at home when it came. If people pass a test. Who will win the election.

    I just learned to only tell people the positive things. Cause they are okay with the positive things. But usually I tell nobody the bad stuff… they just can’t handle it.

  7. I have been learning so much lately about myself and my gifts. Thank you for your website! When I was a freshman in high school, I would travel 45 miles with a fellow dancer to and from our dance classes. Then I would wait for my mom to pick me up from her house and we would drive the additional 10 miles home. One evening, I was waiting longer than usual for my mom. I started to worry and told my friend and her mom that something wasn’t right. So my friend took me for a drive through town on the usual path that my mom would take. From a distance, we could see a really bad wreck… so bad that we couldn’t really see what the cars involved looked like. I knew the minute I saw the wreck that my mom was in that car and was badly hurt. My friend kept trying to tell me that my mom was probably just caught up in the traffic behind the wreck, but I knew. And it was her. When we returned to my friend’s house, my sister called to give me the news. She’d been hit head on by a drunk driver and was being taken to the hospital. It was several hours later that anyone was able to pick me up and take me to the hospital, but as soon as I came, my mom was waking up from surgery and she immediately asked to see me. My mom survived the accident but she had one foot that was completely crushed and had to be rebuilt and an ankle that had to be fused together. When she returned from the hospital, I had to help her with cleaning and caring for her injuries. I remember one time, I put my hand on her ankle and told her how sorry I was for the pain she was feeling. She startled, looked up at me, and told me for that moment her pain went away! Obviously, I was so happy to help her, but it also scared me a little. I’d never done something like that before and I didn’t know how to replicate it. I just watched your letting go of fear video and I’m ready to let go of my fear and embrace my gifts. Thank you for helping me do that.

  8. HI i have been searching for a while to know if I am an Empath, This experience happened yrs. ago. My husband and I
    was separated .I had 2 small children and it was around Christmas. One day I was cleaning in the living room and suddenly I was overwhelmed with a feeling and knowing that he (my husband)was somewhere very near, I plopped down in a chair to catch my breath, and hardly anytime had passed when his truck came around the curve and drove into the driveway. He was bringing gifts for his kids, I’ve had several weird experiences, I have had dreams that came true. Spoke out things that have happened. So the tests that I’ve taken only confuse me. What can you tell me. Also since I’m older, seems things have slowed down a lot and I am wondering why. Thank You-

  9. My name is Kelsey let me tell you bout my gift I’ve been looking for answers since I was a little girl. Some things still baffle me. I feel people. I feel what they are going through not only that I know why they feel that way and what has happened to that person prior to it happening. It starts off feeling like an anxiety attack but it’s not me and I know exactly who it is. I feel bad things happen before they do and know exactly what is gonna happen all through feeling. My grandpa passed away not that long ago but I feel like he’s still here. I also dream things that happen. I knew my ex cheated on me and who with before I got answers. I’ve been able to know things before they happen for awhile I’ve even have scared people because of it. I can since a bad person by just being by them and not asking questions about them at all. I feel things before they happen and feel people. Thank you for this page it makes me feel less weird.

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