Why You Should Keep A Dream Journal

Dreams baffle us all but yet they tell us so much! Dreams are the subconscious way of communicating with us and telling us what’s really going on in our life. The things we are willing to see and the things we aren’t.

My entire life I’ve had vivid and seemingly unexplainable dreams. Before I learned to manage my intuitive gifts most of these dreams were nightmares. I dreaded going to sleep almost every night and eventually made myself a nightly routine.

  • Only happy shows before bedtime
  • Checked in closets, under the bed, and around the house to reassure myself I was safe
  • I listened to one happy song
  • I would turn the lights off and jump into bed as quickly as I could

Seems excessive right? It was. However, when you’re having night terrors every night you do everything you can to put yourself in the happiest mindset possible. For years I thought maybe I was just a dark and demented person without realizing it. I didn’t realize that I was just extremely clairvoyant and was leaving myself wideeeeee open.

I still dream vividly but now the dreams are happy, telling, and include visitations. For so many years I thought everyone dreamt this way, I was wrong!

My husband does not dream…like at all. I don’t understand it, it baffles me, and actually makes me a little uncomfortable. Why isn’t his subconscious communicating with him or has he been able to block it out that effectively? Usually when I tell him about my dreams he laughs, stares at me blankly, or jokes me. I continue to share my stories because I like these encounters…they keep things interesting.

The other day, however, was a bit of a different story. We were driving down the road and I started telling him about a recent dream where I was communicating with a dolphin. (Spirit guide? I think so!) He usually responds with something like “please don’t tell me any more, I will never be able to look at you the same.” This time it was different, dare I say he was intrigued? He cut me off mid-sentence and with a tone of surprise and curiosity he said…

“How do you not wake up, like how do you have these things happen in your sleep and you just roll with it? I feel like I would never sleep if I were you!”

I was so surprised by his curiosity that I was perhaps a little overly excited to share with him the inner workings of my sleeping mind.

Dreams are powerful and if we pay attention to them, they will tell us everything we need to know. They can show us what we are afraid of, where our subconscious anxieties lie, and what we need to do to heal. Dreams can show us exactly what we need to do to be happy and provide us with wisdom we didn’t even know we were searching for.

During a night’s sleep, we can be visited by deceased loved one’s, spirit guides, and other energetic beings. I like dreaming now, but I didn’t always.

You see, when you’re a medium (even before you know it) you’re open to being contacted by spirit. Your sleep state is when it is easiest for them to communicate with you; there are no outside distractions. The negative side of this is if you don’t know you’re a medium, chances are you’re ungrounded and open to any and every spirit that can see your light. This is why mediums, like myself, often have lifetimes full of nightmares…until they get it under control that is.

I learned to wake myself up out of my dreams at a young age. Back then my husband’s theory would have been correct, I never slept because I was always waking myself up. I loathed going to sleep at night for fear of what I was going to see.

As I came to understand my gifts and learned to manage them all of the nightmares went away almost immediately! I learned to connect with my spirit guides and now instead of having to wake myself up, I enjoy my dreams and visitations.

Dreams provide us with so much valuable information but it’s our job to decode the message. Sure it would be nice if our guides would just be straight and to the point with us, but what would be the fun in that?

Spirit loves to speak in metaphors so it’s a good idea to start keeping a dream journal! Dream journaling is a great way to keep track of your dreams over time and watch for repeating patterns, this is how you start to decipher those cryptic messages!

How to keep a dream journal

  • Keep a notebook and a pen next to your bed
  • Set the intention before you fall asleep to remember your dreams
  • Ask your guides and your higher-self to reveal to you now what you need to know. What you need to be focusing on.
  • If a dream wakes you up at night write it down!
  • No need to write down everything just hit the key points. Example: I was in a floating chair talking to a monkey in a bow tie.
  • Upon waking up in the morning don’t just open your eyes and pop out of bed. Take a few minutes and ask yourself what you were dreaming about? Recall the dreams and write them down.
  • Keep this up for 30 days and then go back and read through your notes. You will be surprised at the connections you make!

If you would rather not keep a journal out in the open for everyone to see you could always use the notepad on your phone! This is what I do in a pinch!

How vivid are your dreams? Drop a comment below and I will try to make sense of them for you!

14 thoughts on “Why You Should Keep A Dream Journal”

  1. Hi! I’m so glad I found Amanda’s and now your website. I have been having strange stuff. I have been dealing with an earthbound spirit in my new condo which started all of this. Now I have had two lucid dreams where a dark entity shadow type person has visited me in my room. Plus I had a dream where a man came into my room sat on the bed and said something to me then I woke up but these dreams were almost real and took place in my room – I’m not sure what to make of this. I think I might have abilities and it’s been freaking me out but your website helps so much to see other people get this stuff bc I have no one to talk with about this – except for my sister who has also had some weird stuff happen to her too. Thx for any insight or help you might have. I will keep reading your site!

    1. Thank you so much Heather, I am so glad you found our sites and that they are helping you! I recommend setting firm boundaries and working with your spirit guides…as soon as I did that the nightmares stopped! I hope this helps…I have an article on how to set boundaries should you need help!

  2. I’ve always had crazy vivid dreams and usually never very good ones. Just this year I started keeping a dream journal. I purchased DIVINA on Amazon and have been using that for writing them in

  3. I have always had vivid dreams and still do and I know they have messages but I have no clue how to decipher. I’ve tried my best, feeling lost now.

    1. Sometimes just keeping track can help us in the long run! I still don’t understand all of my dreams but as we dig a little deeper we can at least scratch the surface into what is going on in our lives and what our subconscious mind is thinking!

      1. I will have to start keeping a journal again. Keep going and follow my intuition and if im lost just stop pondering. Xxx

  4. Hi, Ashley- My most recent dream involved finding an abandoned baby boy. I searched the world looking for his family but could not find them or anyone who could help me. I finally found a young woman who reluctantly gave me some information. The whole time I held this little boy close until I decided I wanted him to be mine. I named him, introduced him to my kids and then I woke up. I usually forget my dreams after a couple of hours but this one has stuck with me for a couple days- even most if the scenes are still clear as day. Also I keep seeing 333 everywhere today & 111 or 1111 & 44. Thanks!

  5. Hey! This is a really interesting blogpost!
    I have always had nightmares, for as long as I can remember, and in almost every single one I am followed… When it is not by a shark or bull, it is me being the chicken and the butcher who is catching up with me… I don’t know what it is. maybe this journal idea can help me! I will sure try it out! Thanks a lot

  6. I am like your husband I don’t dream. But I hear everything that goes on. We listen to meditation tapes but when its over I hear it I’ve been like this for a very long time. I would like to know how to shut my mind down so I don’t hear everything. I have done everything you said but I still don’t seem to relax enough and don’t dream. My husband is the same way. We just want to sleep through the night. We seem to sleep a couple of hours and I wake back up.Thank you. Hope you can help.

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