Intuitive Bootcamp 2022

It’s back after two years! Intuitive Bootcamp Starts May 31!

Are you ready to tap in, turn on, and FINALLY make progress with your intuitive practice and spirited lifestyle?

When it comes to your spiritual practice, you may feel that you’ve tried it all. Perhaps you’ve taken courses, worked with coaches, and tried to do “the work” but still aren’t where you want to be. After all that, can you tap in as clearly as you desire?

 I’ve been there, and then I realized I wasn’t making progress because I wasn’t being taught to refine the skills I already had! 

You have intuitive muscles; we all do! You need to learn to flex the correct ones FOR YOU. Many coaches don’t know this; they only know what works for them, and that is what they teach. 

I’ve been teaching the teachers, coaches, and mediums to take themselves and their clients to the next level with what I introduce in this Intuitive Bootcamp!

Now it’s your turn to tap in, level up, and manifest using techniques that build on to muscles that YOU specifically already have. Focusing on refining these muscles is why my students make progress so quickly. It’s how they make lasting changes in their spiritual practices and physical lives. 

So why not you? I know you’re ready now, and I know you’re unwilling to wait any longer. All you need is that missing piece, which is EXACTLY what this Intuitive Bootcamp is! 

Sign up here! Early Bird Pricing Through May 6!

YOU are capable of making progress. You’re capable of making lasting changes, and you’re capable of getting to your next level. 

Why should we wait for happiness, guidance, and good things to happen for us? We are busy women (and men) who are ready for progress, and we are willing to put in the work to get there. We just need direction. 

  • We want and deserve happiness. 
  • We want and deserve intuitive hits and guidance. 
  • We want to connect with our spirit guides and spirit team and get our next steps from our higher selves. And we deserve it.
  • We want solid spiritual connections, meaningful and soulful relationships, and inner peace. And we deserve it!
  • We know that we should trust ourselves and our decision-making. We know that to get to our next level, we need to be able to do just that…trust and move forward with our decisions. 
  • We are ready for the next level and to be intuitively guided in life and business every day. And we deserve it now! 

Register For Intuitive Bootcamp Here! (Early Bird Pricing Through May 6!)

We know what we crave and desire…the issue is how do we get there? When we get there, how do we make those changes stick?

Manifesting what we desire, enhancing our intuition, and getting clear messages sounds fantastic, right? We have moments of these, but often they are fleeting. 

In Week One We Will Cover:

  • Why using your intuition is so needed right now. What is “The Shift”
  •  Self-Love and The Higher Self!
  •  How to raise your vibration and why you need to. 
  • How manifesting and intuition go hand in hand. 

So, how do we tap into our intuition at will? How do we know when we are in relationships that aren’t serving? How do we know if that business decision is for the highest good of our company? 

I’ll tell you how by trusting the guidance you are given and knowing that it’s meant for you! When you tap into that guidance system, you become unstoppable, and life responds to you differently!

Your guidance system is comprised of spirit guides, your higher self, angels, and loved ones. Their love and wisdom are always readily available to you if you know where to look and how to tap into it! They support you throughout each and every day.

In weeks 2 & 3, we will cover:

  • How to meditate effectively
  •  How to create a sacred space
  •  How to create boundaries and why we need them. 
  • Identifying your most powerful gifts 
  • Working with spirit
  •  Sensing spirit
  •  The different types of spirit
  •  How to sense energy
  •  How to sense the presence of a spirit
  •  How to connect with different types of spirits 

The Universe is literally pushing us to find inner peace and bliss. How can we access that amidst so much uncertainty and chaos? By finding our truth, trusting ourselves, and unwavering faith in the unseen! We have been called to slow down and return to our core as a collective.

My truth is that when we allow ourselves to be supported, we will be!

When we ask for guidance, direction, and opportunity, it will be given to us. The Universe loves us so much and wants nothing more than to provide us with direction, guidance, wisdom, and inner peace. The trick to getting this information and trusting it is creating space for it. 

Right now, I am opening up Intuitive Bootcamp for the first time in over TWO YEARS; before that, it had been THREE YEARS. I only open this program when I feel called, and now is the time!

What is Intuitive Bootcamp? It’s an interactive group coaching program on all things intuitive development, spiritual understanding, and divine connection. HOWEVER, before I go any deeper into it, I want to talk about why I am offering this now since I have only offered it twice in 5 years.

I am offering to lead the Intuitive Bootcamp now because, after a recent meditation, I know it is exactly what we NEED during these transformative times! We’ve had a crazy few years, and now the Universe is calling us all to go to our next levels. 

We are being called to:

  • Slow down, breathe, and pace ourselves throughout each moment.
  • Find our own truth and let go of fears that do not serve us. Fears of spiritual connections, uncertainty, not being in control, etc.
  • To find and appreciate the now…we are being asked to really identify with the now in each moment.
  • Realign with our internal and divine guidance system. Spirit guides, Higher Self, Etc.
  • To see through the eyes of our spiritual selves and to live this way each day. We are being called to live a spirited life!
  • Reconnect with everything and everyone on a soul and cellular level.
  • To learn to trust in our decision-making. 

This season of life is about letting go of outer-worldly expectations and tapping into your own. It’s about your expectations for your life, your relationships, goals, connections, and inner peace. 

It’s about tapping into and defining how you want to be and living intentionally as her with the help of your intuition and guidance system! 

These messages and calls to action are for every one of us, myself included, which is why I am packing more information into this series and providing a bonuses as a gift.

Intuitive Bootcamp is for anyone ready to return to who they were born to be and prepared to set themselves free. 

My 5 week group coaching program is for the guy or gal that wants to see actual and lasting progress in their mindset and spiritual connections. 

It’s for the girl ready to meet her guides and access them regularly. 

Intuitive Bootcamp is also an excellent refresher for those who have been practicing for a while but just aren’t connecting like they wish and are feeling out of alignment.

This is your call to action. This is how you can serve yourself and others. This is how you can help during the most remarkable shift we have ever known.

I offered this Bootcamp TWO YEARS AGO, and it sold out in two days. It will fill up faster this time with all the added material!

Seating is limited because it is a live video training by me. I will be recording each session and providing weekly material to support as well. Registration will close on Friday, May 27, as the class starts on May 31! Early bird pricing is available through May 6!

In this five-session live Intuitive Bootcamp, we will cover all things intuitive, spiritual, mindset, and even mediumship.

What we will cover:

  • The different types of spirit.
  • How to identify and bust through fears, both spiritual and physical.
  • How to effectively cleanse your space of negative or unwanted energies!
  • How to meditate effectively.
  • How to know which gifts are your strongest.
  • How to work with each of the intuitive abilities throughout each day.
  • What happens when you start working with spirit.
  • How to sense energy.
  • How to feel the presence of a spirit.
  • How to connect with different types of spirits.
  • How to communicate with spirits who don’t connect in the way you do. (You are clairaudient, and they use clairvoyance)
  • How to identify and remove blocks spiritual blocks. 
  • Understanding patterns and insight and how to shift them.
  • How to find your purpose using your intuitive gifts!
  • Money mindset work.
  • Much Much MORE!

Intuitive Bootcamp Starts May 31! Register Here! 

Plus, you will receive immediate access to the following bonuses when you register!

Our work in this Bootcamp will change who you are and how you interact with the world. This Bootcamp will not only serve you but your children and theirs. As your light spreads, it creates a ripple effect throughout your home, community, city, and the world. The Dali Llama said, “If you think you’re too small to make a difference try going to bed with a mosquito.”

And I’ll leave you with that!

See you soon in Bootcamp!



P.S. This is what is going to help you protect your energy while also spreading the light. We are going to talk about all things manifesting, healing, spirit, protection, and so much more.

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