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Are you going through The Shake Up? Have you heard of it? I like to refer to our awakening as the great shake-up because well that is basically what it is! 

When you’re going through an awakening, you experience things like….

  • Flashes of light
  • Synchronicities
  • Extremely vivid dreams
  • All the coincidences
  • Feeling detached from everything you thought you loved
  • Hearing sounds, buzzing, ringing or popping in the ears
  • Seeing things out of your peripheral
  • A strong desire to get out in nature more
  • A strong desire to meditate or learn about spiritual ideas

All of these are signs that your soul is pulling you to remember – remember that you are energy and that you can tap into all that is around you.

Your soul will take you through different stages of life until you are ready and strong enough to be shaken until you awaken.

That is why I have created this mini-course for you! I want you to see and understand how spirit is working with you and is around you all the time. This course is based on the most frequently asked questions when learning about intuition, spirituality, and self-expansion.

In this 8 part video course, you will learn.

  1. All About Awakening
  2. Chakra Talk – Why Do We Need Them And What Are They?
  3. Who Is On Your Spirit Team?
  4. How To Move Past Fear
  5. How To Receive Guidance Throughout The Day
  6. How To Set Strict Boundaries
  7. A special workshop
  8. And more!

These are all the questions both beginners and those that have been going down the rabbit hole for quite some time want answers too!

Ready? Let’s get started!

2 reviews for Develop Your Intuition Mini Course

  1. Shawna Riley (verified owner)

  2. Terisa Brenna (verified owner)

    Ran into a slight hiccup with one video not playing back sound but you were able to resolve it quickly. I found the “calling back in your energy” to be insightful and def something I’ll be practicing more often.

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