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Quiz For Getting Clear On Your Next Steps With Me! 

Why are you here and where do you want to go? The path to your best version, unfortunately, isn't guided by street signs and stoplights.  Wouldn't the spiritual journey be so much more comfortable with a bit of guidance?

Sometimes just getting clear on where you want to end up is enough to get you there! Other times having someone to guide you, stop you at checkpoints, and show you the way towards the green light is exactly what you need! 

Here is a free quiz to help you get a little bit clearer on your path and how to get to your next best level! 

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Question 1

Which best describes you right now?

1. I love all things spiritual, and I am always craving to learn more! I want to develop my intuition, help others to heal, and work in a "spiritual space."
2. I found out I am an empath and don't know what to do. I need to learn to protect my energy.
3. I think I am in the midst of an awakening. I am questioning everything, and my life seems to be changing.
4. I have a lot of internal work to do. I need to heal but I'm not sure what blocks I have or where to start. I want to change my mindset and perspective, but I don't know if I can.
5. I am a medium, and I am ready to work with it!
Question 2 of 6.

Which interests you the most? Take a minute to reflect on each answer and notice how your body responds!

1. Learning about myself and others on a soul level. Deep healing and how the universe works with us. Transformation through reconnection with the spiritual self.
2. Communicating with spirit! Meeting my spirit guides, expanding my intuition, being able to be guided naturally by spirit.
3. Changing my life because I feel stuck, and I've decided I am over it. It's time to take my power back! I just don't know how.
4. Allowing myself to heal on a soul level and tapping into my internal guidance system. Expanding my gifts to help myself and others receive spiritual messages/guidance.
5. Spirit guides, mediumship, starting/growing a business!
6. Law of attraction and mindset!
Question 3 of 6.

What have your spiritual experiences been like?

1. I've felt/seen/heard things but I don't know how to tap in when I want to!
2. In recent years I've felt like someone or something has been guiding me or trying to get my attention.
3. I've had many weird experiences, and some have been unsettling.
4. am interested in spiritual things, but I'm not sure I'm ready. What will my family think?
5. No experiences at all. I am more here for healing/mindset.
6. I've tried connecting with my guides, I meditate, and I am totally open and ready to work with spirit!
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If you woke up tomorrow to your most ideal life, what might it look like?

1. Not too much will have changed. I am generally pretty happy, healthy, and abundant. I always have room for more, though!
2. I would have stronger boundaries for myself, my relationships would be more fulfilling, and I would be happier.
3. I would change mostly everything because I'm not satisfied at all with how life looks right now.
4. My financial situation would look much better; I would be in a career I loved, I would be helping people!
5. I would be living a spiritually flowing life.
6. I would finally love and accept myself.
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How do you learn best?

1. One on one
2. By watching/listening
3. I like to read/watch videos learn on my own.
4. All of the above
5. All of the above
Question 6 of 6.

How much YOU time can you invest in yourself each week?

1. HAHAHAH what is "ME" time? That's funny Ashley.
2. Eh, I can find between 20 - 45 minutes to myself a few days per week.
3. I've got all the time in the world!
4. I make myself, my healing, and my growth priority, so whatever it takes!

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Plan Your Path!

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One thought on “Plan Your Path!”

  1. this is so spot on about My life and how I need be stopped for always letting people in my life block me from being the true and amazing person who I know is in me but need to unlock her. I have a spiritual awakening but now I’ve been stuck for 2 years and need help unblocking My Chakras and raising my vibration energy against people who are always there to take it from me. without me even knowing that they are. I just really want to be a better person and I can’t afford classes that are so much because I’m a mom who don’t work and has no income

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