Soul-Full Mastermind 6 Month Intuitive And Mediumship Development Container

Divine Connection Is Your Birth-Right!

You were born to remember who you are and what you’re capable of. 

You’re a badass. You’re a light. You have SO much to offer to yourself and the world. 

There is so much love available to you. There is SO much guidance available to you! 

You deserve access to it! 

You are ready to hear from your spirit guides, you’re ready to connect with your higher-self and you’re definitely READY to tap into your intuition! 

I know what it's like

To feel, hear, and see things other people don’t. 

To have dreams that are so real you can’t shake them for days. 

and to know things about people or situations and not know why!

To feel isolated, anxious, and even depressed because you FEEL so much all of the time. 

I know what it’s like to be the friend everyone comes to for advice and to feel drained afterward. 

I know what it feels like to not be able to talk about your dreams and experiences out of fear of feeling crazy. 

It's time to tap into who you are!

For most empathic and intuitive people our “gifts” can be quite overwhelming and random until we figure them out. 

We have support, unconditional love, and wisdom available to us and we CAN access it. 

It’s MUCH easier to receive intuitive guidance than you think. Your intuition is stronger than you think! 

To receive messages from your guides and higher self  (and to give readings) you need 3 things:

You're not alone in this! You've got me as your guide and other women by your side!

This 6-month container is for the women and men that are ready to tap in, tune in, and turn on their inner power flow. 

It’s for those that are ready to ignite their connection to spirit, life, and the energy all around and available to them!

For those ready to embody their own light and to blend with their higher self to serve and heal themselves and then others just by being in their highest vibration.

You’re at a point where you want to work with your intuition this is going to take you far beyond that into LIVING an intuitive lifestyle.

You already know that is where you’re headed!You already know you want to be led, flow more, and heal. 

Babe, you already know you’re intuition is calling you, and it’s just a matter of time before you learn to accept it and let it heal your life in ways you never thought possible.

You already know you're intuitive. You know it's time to understand it! You know where you're headed, it's been in your soul's plan all along!

Why not get there faster with someone who has already been through it? 

I never planned to be here but I am so glad I made space for what was ready for me. Now I am happier and more vibrant than I’ve ever been. I work with people from all around the world and get to help people shift their mindset and tap into their intuition daily!

You don’t have to go at this alone! With me as your guide and the other members by your side, you will have support, guidance, and encouragement to get you where you were born to be…in alignment with your authentic self and purpose! 

I am giving you my all and teaching you all I know in

Soul-Full Mastermind

When you enroll in my mastermind, you will get instant access to my top 4 courses, one on one time with me, unlimited voxer chat, one group call per month, one mastermind class per month! (All classes and group calls will be recorded for rewatching/listening if you can not attend live!)

What’s included?

  • 12  private sessions with me during the 6 month container (45 minutes each)
  • One live group session per month
  • One Mastermind class per month
  • Unlimited Voxer Chat
  • The Intuitive Development And Progression Course
  • Mediumship Diving Deeper
  • Mission Manifest
  • Sacred-Self Healing

Soul-Full Intuitive Mastermind and deep-dive

Here is what we will cover!

What we will cover?


  • Intuitive Understanding
  • Creating space to receive messages from the divine
  • Learning all about the chakras, energy, body, and how it all connects to receiving intuitive hits, the physical body, and manifesting.
  • How to connect with spirit (safely and effectively)
  • Mediumship modalities
  • How to connect with your guides, spirit team, and higher self
  • How to give yourself and others readings
    How to manifest
    Mindset work
    Trauma healing via the inner-child
    Self-love, self-worth, self-healing, all the self-development
    What to do when your vibration slips and you need to bounce back!
  • A bit of business help if that is something you need support with!

The program will cover all of this and more. I will support you, and we will support each other, as the mastermind continues. The private sessions will be client-led (meaning we focus on what YOU need to focus on) and the mastermind sessions will cover all of the bases mentioned above and more.


I only have 6 spots available for this program and will be likely closing my regular coaching program once it is filled to focus on this group. This is a big investment, but I haven’t found anything like it that will support you as fully on your spiritual, intuitive, and healing journey towards becoming your best version.


You're already headed there, why not let me help you?

One more bonus...

Let’s be honest, you’ve wanted to do this for a long time!

I will be teaching you all I know about intuition, psychic development, mediumship, and mindset. You don’t have to become a “psychic” to be in the mastermind but you will find out that you have gifts that will help you connect more fully to the higher guidance available to you.

This will make you flow with life, it will make you a happier person, and it will help you to be guided along a path that is for your best and highest good. And if you choose you can utilize your gifts to give readings to others and help them do the same! 

Enhancing your intuition comes in handy when doing creative projects, decision making, and even with work! Therapists often channel to their patient’s without realizing it, teachers often know what a child needs individually to help them grow using the gift of claircognizance!

Your intuition is a natural part of life and a gift that you should be utilizing daily! 

As with anything big in life some changes will have to be made and space will have to be created for your new higher vibration. 

As a gift and a bonus to anyone who pays in full, I am offering a FREE TWO HOUR healing and transformational session. During this session, we will work with your guides, higher-self, and spirit team. We will work with the inner child and clear space and heal on a cellular level to take you to your next level highest frequency! 

I only have 6 spots open for this mastermind are you ready to change your life with us? 

Your investment is sacred to you

Pay in full and receive a FREE 2-hour transformational session with me and your spirit team! $12,000

5 monthly payments of $2,500

Your investment is sacred. You’re empowered and you know where you’re going. You don’t have to do it alone!